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    Indian Wedding Traditions and Some Wedding Tips

    Hindu, Muslim or Christians, India is a home of everybody! Since long time ago, India welcomed everything warmly. There are many cultures, languages spoken in India. People are living since many decades in India. So their culture does the same. Every culture has their own rituals and traditions to follow the most sacred ritual. Marriages are not limited to a single day celebration in India. Multi day ceremonies are followed in every culture in India. Basically, it has three parts to be followed. Pre Marriage rituals include preparations for wedding Day. while the main day is the auspicious day, awaited. The post wedding days are to welcome new bride at her new home. Every family member welcomes them very warmly.

    Hindu Wedding Traditions and Wedding tips

    Hindus are the largest community in India. Many of Communities follows the same traditions of Hindu Marriage. Sapt Agni phera (seven circles around a holy fire) and sat vacantly (seven vows) is common. Along with that Kanyadaan and Vidai is the next common rituals. Heena and Haldi (turmeric) is a part of the pre-wedding ritual in Hindu Community.

    There are many rituals and ceremonies followed in a Hindu Wedding. The tradition and culture are since a long time. Outfit of Bride is Red Sari, traditionally. Well, Groom wears a Sherwani with Sehra.

    Some of the good wedding tips:

    • To be the centre of attraction at an entry of bride, make the drones shower rose petals from the sky. It will not only provide live screening but also add a charm to it.
    • Keeping a calm music instead of loud music will be a good idea. Along with that, you can also use the Pre-Marriage video at large screen with mild music will be the centre of attraction for Guests.
    • During the wedding vows or pheras, use live recordings to the big screen at Hall. If this will be shot by Drone, will be adding a charm in it.

    Muslim Wedding Traditions and Wedding tips

    Muslims counts the most elegant marriage ceremonies. Well, Baraat is not quite as you think! This is the time, Groom side left no bar in celebrations. In this ceremony, Groom Side comes to Bridal place either home or venue decided, to received Bride. Afterwards, “Nikah” (marriage ritual) takes place. This ritual is done with the presence of Maulvi and other close family members. Bride finally says “Qubool hai” thrice to confirm marriage with Groom. Soon after Vidai takes place. Where Bride is welcomed by Groom Side at her new home.

    Some of the good wedding tips:

    • Instead of using bright colours, use white other colours to decorate backstage. Colourful flowers will add the rest of charm into it!
    • Using scent over the fans at wedding place would left people mesmerising. This would be the probably nice idea to make the place in best weddings of the Year.
    • Use a bunch of decoration pieces. Behind these pieces put some speakers which play your wedding vows. Along with you, the next wedding bachelors will step into marriage quickly!

    Christian Wedding Traditions and Wedding tips

    Astonishing marriages can be counted at Christians. This community has a long history in India. South India is home to most of Christian Community. There are many Churches in Southern India as far compared. There are many beautiful locations in this area, which makes a wedding not less than a fairytale. There are many rituals followed in a Christian wedding. Here as opposite Groom sends the Best Man with a car to receive Bride. Here on the other side, Groom and his side waiting for the Bride arrival. When Bride arrives at the Church, the sacred place to get married, she receives a welcome like Queen. As far concerned, the Best Man takes Bride to Groom and heads towards the Holy place to get married. The Priest welcomes Couple, Bride and Groom take vows to stay together for the lifetime.

    Some of the good wedding tips:

    • Use Ring to be tied to Holy Bible instead of carrying it over a pillow. There is another thing is least suggested, due to space, an arrival of rings from Drone would probably a cool idea.
    • Use of a Cross is suggested instead of an Arch. If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding. This idea will provide you with a new wing to step into the new life together.
    • Wash feets before entering each other’s life. Jesus used to wash feets of their disciples before entering to place. It’s counted as the act of service. This will give a new energy of entering the new life.


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