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    Common Pre-Wedding Mistakes And How to avoid them

    Indian Marriage style is a quite complex thing. There are many rituals need to be followed for a perfect wedding. The help of a professional wedding planner in Lucknow would be a perfect idea. To get rid out of all those stuff that you need to get it done. From booking a venue to arranging pickup for Pandit Ji. There are the lot of things to do which you can’t get it done alone.

    Ask out for handing helps from friends. Along with that, there is much more stuff that you need to care about. There are 7 common mistakes that a person does usually during a wedding plan. We have the point of some of those common mistakes, so you can’t commit any of them. From spending too much to take the burden on your shoulders. Here it’s been categorised to help you out from Angels.

    Spending more than savings

    The wedding is the most expensive and stressful even of a life. This is the best party you can offer you any person! It’s a complex series of events. As the dates declared, couples started the visit to the best brands available. It is a common theory, wedding happens once in the lifetime, everybody wants to look their best. But it doesn’t mean that you should spend all of the money you own.

    Check records of savings, cash flow and spend accordingly. It’s not a smart idea to shop everything from the Credit card. Spending money would be a smarter idea. Don’t ever forget that starting a married life without any debts is the best idea. Instead of enjoying romantic dates on weekend, do not make yourself paying EMI. Spend smartly!

    Wedding Dress ordered on the last hour

    Everybody wants to look like a Prince or Princess during their wedding day! So, for this purpose, if you haven’t ordered a custom tailored outfit, do it immediately. Go out with the best friend or would-be, find the best-tailored shop and get things done.

    Many brand outlets like Manyavar is the best choice to get the best outfit. Things will take time. You need to pay multiple visits at tailor store for a perfect fitting. There are other accessories too which needed to be on your body. Such as Sehra, a set of Jooti and much more things. A pearl necklace would add some charm to it. For ladies out there, a minimal bridal wear with traditional jewellery. There are many shops in every city which can rent dresses for your wedding day. One can also rent the dress for other ceremonies too.

    Stressful Last minute Experiments

    Do not try to try any experiment in the 11th hour. A new diet plan or a change in hairstyle can make you feel dizzy. It will not also recommend if you have ordered the custom outfit for the wedding date. There are many things like weight loss can bring stretch marks on the body. Combined with this experiment, we don't suggest to try the best hairstyle on last hours. It can lead to many unwanted things such as hair loss. It can also bring a change which is not acceptable by your would-be or parents. So, just avoid it from 1st minute thought.

    Ending up with too many guests

    Ohh I forgot to invite my primary school friends! Just keep away thought of being rude. It’s not necessary to invite every person at the last moment. As the wedding date is finalised, keep in mind that a list of guest would be made. Inviting people on last moment not only make you to arrange everything but also will lend you some loan. Try not to please everybody. Instead of those people who are not invited, pay a visit as the new couple and present them a gift.

    Paperwork on last hour

    Mistakes are common. But if mistakes make a large impact, it won’t be done like that! If you’re planning an International Honeymoon, get paperwork done before marriage date. Keep things posted on bookings like the hotel, flight and cab as well as Visa. Instead of that apply for a visa and book a package for your honeymoon. This would probably a good idea.

    Delayed venue bookings

    Wedding dates are in common.If you’re wedding on the date, many couples are also wedding on that date for sure. Keep things booked in advance or you will end up paying too much for same arrangement. Many of us delay as there are 3-4 months due for the wedding date. Just don’t be that careless. Start searching for venues as you get the wedding dates. It will allow you to compare venues. As far as comparison, one can do negotiations as well.


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