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    Getting started with a wedding plan

    Everything you should need to know about a wedding

    Getting married itself a best feeling for a couple. It’s the beginning to a new phase of your life! It must be started as you have planned. Once the engagement is done both the groom and bride are very excited for this very special day. Both of them have their own plan for the day. The very first question everyone get into is where to start this all from. The only thing they have in mind is that “ we are getting married !”. Here is a list of things that will help you in the first phase of wedding plan.

    Guest List

    The most important part to start a planning is the number of guest. All the things the budget or any other decision depends upon the number of guest attending the wedding. Book a venue of capacity 150 and then when you count of arrival guest to be 400 would create a lot of problem. So deciding the number of guests is a task that should be done . Do remember that all the guest you are going to Invite are not going to attend the marriage. There is a general formula you can keep in mind and would help you.

    1. If you have invited upto 100 guests the Attendance count would be around 90%
    2. If you have invited around 100 - 200 guests the Attendance count would be around 75-90%
    3. If you have invited around 200 - 250  guests the Attendance count would be around 65-80%
    4. If the count of guest is more than 250 the attendance count would be around 60 - 70%

    Also this are the numbers that are the outcome of statistical analysis. And there are many wedding in which you can see up to 90% for a large count of guest too,  but that do happen often. Guessing the count of guest is not a rocket science. But my personal suggestion would be go with the number of count of guest that you have marked on your guest list.


    The second thing that you need to take care about is the Venue. It has the ultimate influence on your complete wedding and all the stuffs during the wedding. The location at which you are going to get married start the new phase of life should be according to your choise. Once the guest list is final and you have the approximate count of the guest you can start looking for the suitable venue. Do remember the two following things to select the appropriate wedding venue.

    1. Short distance from the location where you and most of your guests live (ie travel up to largest 2 Hrs to the Venue)
    2. The venue type of your Choice.

    First of all you should not be in love with the wedding place as you are not going to move there. You should like it and it should also justify all your needs for the ceremony. It might not have the perfect landscape that you are expecting. But it should have the capacity of the count of your guests. The other thing that you should take care about depends up on the price and the restrictions of the venue. Like whether you are allowed to bring your own booze, the catering services. Also whether you can afford all the mandatory restrictions of the venue or not.

    Every wedding has some pros and cons depending on your requirements. You can make your checklist and come the wedding venues. Also make sure  that you are having a good look at the big picture. Whether it has that capacity to handle your greatest number of guests. Is there enough space available for the catering?. whether you have that space to arrange some entertainment stage over there. When compared all this things in a Check list if the number of pro’s is greater than that of number of con’s., then you can finalize that venue.

    The other stuff / conclusion

    Finally now you have the guest list and the venue decided. Now what are the things you want to do. The things that you need to do after that is the theme of the marriage, whether it  is the color theme or the decor theme. Wedding do need color that makes its more enjoyable. The color your marriage would not represent you as a couple so you won't need to worry for that. The color can be anything that you like. There is no such rule that make you choose the color. You can choose any thing, do one thing that would help you make the choice. You might have the photos of the wedding that you recently visited. Take a detailed look on those pictures that would definitely help you choose your wedding color.

    In the end, let's start again from the beginning, the people are the first priority. Also you two are the most of them. Wedding is not that you should see a function in perfection. It is about that you are going to live Happy married life, So does the ceremony represents. You need to arrange the thing that you like and make you happy and don't forget to enjoy this day.


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