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    Things must do on Your Wedding

    A wedding is a series of many sacred ceremonies which make two souls one. Many of rituals have to be performed during these functions. From ring ceremony to getting blessings from your elder ones at the end. Every ceremony would be taken care by a wedding planner. Well, you can add some special things in it to make memorable.

    Ask your parents what they want to arrange for guests and you in marriage. Involve your parents in making arrangements. They will not only provide guidance but also have elder’s supervision will make everything perfect. Here are some of the small tips from our expert panel to make your wedding “Special”.

    Contact Guests seeking for any help

    There would be many guests who are not well. If any guest is suffering from ill or old-age guests, arrange them help. It'll be a glad moment when they give the blessing from their pure heart for your wedding. According to Indian mythology, you should perform rituals under the supervision of elderly of your home. This will bring peace and purity at home.

    If you could arrange a pickup and drop service for elderly guests. You should also appoint some porters or allow young cousins to place suitcases to a safe place. Do also arrange a powder room for female guests. Arrange separate toilets for elder and young ones.

    Send a thank you note to everybody

    Create handmade thank you note. Address each and every guest from the list. Do note to create a list of every guest who attended the wedding. It will be perfect to visit their home after the wedding or invite them for dinner. This would be the best time to gift them. They will not only show gratitude but will also remember for gratefulness.

    Do a mailer or post something. There is a digital way to thank them via a video. Send it over WhatsApp or an email. This would be the best way to express your gratitude towards them for attending your wedding. They will feel special after receiving this and will remember your marriage for a long time.

    Deposit rented attires

    After the wedding day, dry clean those attires. Make sure that they are in same conditions as received. Deposit them immediately. It will save rent. If the attire in the same condition, this will also save the additional money of caretaking. It would be perfect for handover attire just after attending the ceremony. Lend a hand from a friend to deposit or ask the rental shop to collect it.

    Make sure everything has been returned from wedding sites

    Cutlery sets, dishes, stage, sound equipment should be returned as soon as possible. Make a list of everything before hiring all those items from respective vendors. The suggestion is to keep the list to date. Multiple copies of that list can be shared with respective person who is keeping eye on those services.

    Most of it will be delivered at the same time. Keep a checklist of returned deliverables. Meet every vendor before and after marriage. Ask them for things which have been rented out or returned.

    Gift for Guests

    Prepare gifts for special guests for each ceremony. It’s a common ritual in every Indian wedding to give gifts to guests. You can make it special by packing each gift and pack it specially. Put a name to distinguish gifts also. This will make people more special than they think so. Gift mobile cases to young Guests, makeup kit for fashion lovers and so.

    There are many other things you can do for Guests to make feel them special. You can just pay a visit to their home for the wedding invitation. During this visit, observe which gift will be best suitable for them.

    Make it special

    Deliver every guest a wristband for attending the wedding. This will make them feel special. On the other hand, you can also count on Unwanted Guests. In India, it’s common thing that any unknown person will enter marriage for free food by wearing a good attire. They can be thieves or anyone who can harm any guest.

    You can also decide an accessory for bride side and groom side. Such as  Groom side will wear a sunglasses and Bride side will wear a Pearl Necklace. This will distinguish the side as well as it’ll add some charm to the wedding. Give the best man to support wedding hosts (Parents) to welcome Groom.


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