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Giriraj ji Maharaj


Referring to the quote of Mr. Phil Jackson:
The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
We at bGlide have build up a strong team of individual members who together form the arteries of our company.
We hearby introduce our members one by one.
  • Giriraj Ji Maharaj (Blessing Head)

    Giriraj ji Maharaj, Goverdhan Mathura

    This entire project ( is dedicated to Giriraj Ji Maharaj. Giriraj Ji is situated in Goverdhan (Mathura). We hereby donate 10% of all income generated from for helping disabled persons.

    This all became possible due to extraordinary blessing of Lord Krishna. This helps us to maintain values of

  • Sandeep Soni (CMD, CEO, Founder)

    Sandeep Soni

    In the heart of the company sits our Chief Managing Director, Founder, CEO of bGlide IT innovations Pvt ltd, Mr. Sandeep Soni. He is the Chairman of bGlide Group of Companies and its sister concerns including:

    • bGlide Limited, Scotland, UK
    • bGlide International Pte Ltd, Singapore
    • bGlide International Limited, India
    • bGlide Infomedia Pvt Ltd, India
    • bGlide Tourism Pvt Ltd, India
    • Relax Holidays Pvt Ltd, India
    • Incredible Web Technologies Pvt Ltd.

    OnlyTop is the brain child of Mr. Sandeep Soni. His charismatic style of leadership has made bGlide Group soar great heights resulting in the generation of about 300 Million Per Anum in revenue for the current fiscal year on prorate basis, which is growing further by leaps and bounds.

  • Mamta Kanwar (Director, Co-Founder of, SEO Devision Head)

    Mamta Kanwar

    Just like the right chamber of the heart which receives oxygen from the blood, bGlide receives its oxygen from Ms. Mamta Kanwar, who is the Director of the bGlide IT innovations Pvt ltd.

    It is because of her and Mr. Sandeep Soni’s prodigal thought process that bGlide IT Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has been able to add the name of OnlyTop in its group of companies. She is the operational head looking after the SEO and the branding department of bGlide IT Innovations Pvt Ltd.

  • Alka Sain (Sales & Marketing Manager)

    Alka Sain

    Miss Alka not only builds the sales; but she builds relationship that cultivates loyalty. She always works for our customers with her innovative marketing strategies. She is responsible to build a good business relationship with our clients.

    Only single person can not work in sales, so she along with her team always develop the marketing strategy and plan. The great thing about Alka and her team is the ability to quickly install a marketing led ethos which is an operational soul of our business.

  • Ram Soni (Asst. Marketing Manager)

    Ram Soni

    The left ventricle which receives all the oxygen rich blood and which is responsible for supplying the same to the body is occupied by Mr. Ram, who is the Assistant Marketing Manager of onlytop.

    He is looking after the sales and renewals of Only

  • Hempal Singh (Asst. Marketing Manager)

    Hempal Singh

    As Asst. Sales Manager with sincere straightforward vision, zeal to explore good sources to increase sales with real and honest promotions along with long term relation with clients. Hempal has successfully handled multiple critical assignments since joining the bGlide Group. Now he is looking handling the sales and renewals of

  • Sarjeet Singh

    Sarjeet Singh

    Mr. Sarjeet

  • Dasharath Singh (Tele Calling Department Head)

    Dasharath Singh

    Mr. Dasharath, is the head of the Tele Calling Department. He is responsible for all the direct marketing which he does with the help of well versed and well spoken sales team. He not only has strong inductive and deductive reasoning skills, but also has excellent written and oral communication skills. Because of Mr. Dasharath and his highly efficient team which rakes in the moolah by means of communicating directly in a one on one manner with the customer pitching to them our products and customizing the same as relevant to the customer.

  • Manisha Sharma (Customer Relation Officer)

    Manisha Sharma

    Miss Manisha Sharma handles Customer relations in onlytop She is honest for own work. She is Proficient in recruiting training and managing teams and individuals. She has highly successful conflict resolution skills.

  • Sonika Sharma (Chat Support Executive)

    Sonika Sharma

    Miss Sonika Sharma handles online chat along with her team. With her great punctualities regarding work and best team management, we never left our online chat unattended. Online query generation is heart of our business and she pumps our heart well.

  • Ajit Singh (Admin Head)

    Ajit Singh

    Mr. Ajit handles all the admin work of company. He is responsible for all things which make us work. He completes all of his duties with fully responsibility and trust. He is always ready for any work of bGlide. He already got an award of "Most Reliable Person" in bGlide.

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