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    Visa is a document which is issued by a country to the people who are going to abroad. All the countries have their individual rules to travel to other countries. A visa is an approval placed on a passport allowing the holder official permission to enter, leave or stay in a country for a defined time period.

    Types of Visa: Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Work and Transit Visas.

    The validity of the visa depends on where you are going to travel, it can be valid for single or multiple visits. Some countries demand an interview and medical screening prior to applying for a visa. Still, there is no full form of visa but it stands for: International Travel Document or Visitors Intend to Stay Abroad.

    Some people get confused between the Visa and Passport. Let us clear your doubt:

    Passport is used for personal identification during foreign travel. The major difference between the visa and passport is that visa is an official permission that temporarily authorizes us to stay in a foreign country and the passport is a document that certifies our identity during the travel. Passport is issued by our national government but for the visa, permission is granted by the government of the country which we wish to visit.

    At the time when people want to apply for the visa, they face many issues, as they need to go here and there for the process of visa. It not only waste the time but also money. That is why Visa agents can help you to prepare your visa. So that you can save your time as well as money too.

    Who are Visa Agents:

    Visa agents are professionals who do not only help in consultancy about your query but also help to ready your VISA within a limited time period.

    How to Find A Genuine Visa Agent?

    To find a genuine visa agent, you need to follow below tips. Before hiring a visa agent you need to confirm the following things:

    1. From how many years you are working in Visa Services?
    2. What are the services they are offering?
    3. Is it approved by Govt of India by the ministry of manpower?

    4 Important Tips To Get Approved The Visa

    1. Fulfill the requirements: You must keep all the required documents with you. There are chances of cancelation if you are forgetting your docs again and again. You must submit all the documents at once and avoid wasting your time and efforts.

    2. Submit Authentic Documents Only:
    You must submit real documents, do not try to submit fake documents. So that you can not get denied.

    3. Mind the Details:
    To save your time and do it fast, keep all the details with you. So that you can complete the process fast.

    4. Show that you are well-traveled:
    It can be possible through your travel tickets and passport stamps. It helps to show that you have traveled before and you always came back easily.

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