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    Surprising facts about Mosquitoes

    Mosquito is a insect that is universally hated the most all over the world. They carry different diseases, live by suking the blood out of any thing that moves. They are also indicated as the little vampire. They are the most unwelcomed guest in your house. When they bit, they leave behind the itchy skin and red spots. But here are some interesting facts about mosquito. these fact will give you a different perspective to look at them.

    • Mosquitoes are the most deadly animal on Earth.

    Mosquitoes has caused more death than any other animal or natural calamities. They have caused most number of death of humans than any war has caused, or all the deaths combined in all the wars. Still the list has mosquito on top. Because they carry many deadly diseases. They cause disease like malaria, dengue, fever, yellow fever and encephalitis. They also carry the disease earthworm, which can be dangerous for your dogs.

    • Only Female Mosquitoes Bite

    There are around 3500 species of mosquito. They are found virtually in every part of Earth. But not all the mosquitoes see’s human as a delicious meal. Both male and female mosquito live on the plants and nectors. They have nothing personal, when taking humans blood. The only female mosquito bite, reason is they need the protein to produce egg and need to take blood meal only to reproduce. And as male mosquito don’t have the burden to reproduce they will avoid you happily and live on heads of flowers. Also if the female is not reproducing, they will avoid you happily.

    • Mosquitoes are selective.

    Not all the mosquitos feed on the human. There are many species that prefer birds or other amphibians over human. They are happying feeding on birds, and rarely bites a human. Also some of them only feeds on reptiles.
    Other thing they are selective about are humans. Have you ever found that all the mosquitoes bit one person in the group while they don’t bit other. This is because they are attracted to the body chemistry over the others. They are attracted towards the carbon dioxide and the lactic acid you relase from your body.

    • Mosquitoes are more Active during full Moon

    Yes it is true, they are the real life zombie or werewolfs. Scientist have not seen the zombies in real life, but mosquitoes are like the real life zombie. There are some activities in which you can blame moon for the mosquitoes activities. Their activity increases upto 500%. And they are more dangerous during this time.

    Mosquitoes are very Slow.

    Mosquitoes are irritating, And the voice they make them form their wings you might think that they are pretty fast. But actually it’s not like that. They are rather one of the most slow insects on the planet. If their would a race between all the flying insects in terms of speed. Nearly every other contestant would beat the mosquito.

    • All the Mosquitoes need water to Bread. One tablespoon water is Enough

    Mosquitoes are known to breed on the still water. The all breeds of mosquitoes need still water to bread. They lay their eggs on still or stagnant water, where these eggs get hatch. Also if they can lay their eggs on wet earth. In fact, for the development of the immature stage of the mosquitoes water is required. some breed only need a tablespoon of water, for this complete process. This amount of water can be collected at any place. Places can be holes of tree, bird baths, children's wading pools, or anything. It can either be underneath the plant or even the bottle cap. If you want to keep mosquitoes in control, always check these places and dump the still water every few days.

    • Mosquitoes can detect Carbon dioxide from long distance.

    Carbon dioxide is the major reason why mosquitoes are attracted towards the humans and animals. This carbon dioxide is a signal for them that there is a potential blood near. Form the time they have developed keen sensitivity towards CO2 in Air. And once a female mosquito has detected carbon dioxide. They flow back and forth from the CO2 area. This helps them locate their victim. Also technically they can detect CO2 from around 75 feet away.

    • Mosquitoes can live upto 5 - 6 Months.

    There are few possibility that make mosquitoes live a long life. As long as if it not comes in our area, otherwise you will slap them and kill. But if the circumstance are right they have very long life as compared to the other bugs. They can live upto 5-6 months of life span.


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