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    Hire pest control in Pune - 5 pests Can spread diseases

    Insects are the most common disease vectors in the plant. Diseases caused by the pests are the one of the most cause of worrying around the world. They spread the disease by contamination. They have spread some serious diseases all around the globe. There are many active majors taken by the health ministry to stop them. But as much as we try most of these diseases are unable to prevent. These pests cause many different diseases that can we very serious and dangerous. Millions of people suffer from the infections caused by the household pests. On a national scale, if a company is trading in a product that required hygiene at priority. These companies can face a high productivity loss due to these pests. So its necessary to hire pest control companies in Pune. Below is some detailed information about some of those pests.


    In India, mosquitos are considered the most dangerous species on the Earth. It causes many harmful diseases. As the global warming is arising, the growth of mosquito is taking place in a large quantity. It is spreading disease throughout the world. According to the Indian Centre for Disease control report, thousand of people died of Malaria. This is the common disease spread by mosquito. Diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Malaria are the diseases caused by the mosquito. People can get away from these disease while hiring pest control services in Pune.

    A headache, fever, sweating are the symptoms of Malaria. If proper treatment is not taken then the person could die of kidney failure. It destroys the blood cells. The infection can cause many dangerous reactions. It is advised to keep your surroundings clean. Switch on to mosquito repellant. Cover your food with plastic. Don’t allow mosquito or other insects to enter your surroundings.


    Houseflies are the dirtiest insects. It flies all over the garbages, sewages, rotten things. They feed on all sort of decaying matter like the wound, sores, spoiled egg, meat and fish. It can transit 60 types of diseases into a human body. Typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, etc. are the common diseases caused from houseflies. Flies can feed on organic matter like soil. If the food sources are limited then houseflies cannot breed in a large group. Do not allow garbages, sewage or any decaying composition to prevent flies. Keep trash box clean and cover it with tight fitting lid. Wash the trash daily and the area too where you keep trash box. Do not allow water to store in containers.


    Rats are considered as the deadliest pest. In fact, every fifty years, groups of bamboo rats descend on the rural area and destroy everything in their path. Rats are considered the chief villain in the spread of plague. Rats have the ability to swim up the sewer pipes in the toilet. And they can spread the disease, coming through those server pipes. They are the one of the main cause of the extinguish of many species. As they have very high reproduction rate. They are the reason for 40 to 60 percent decrease in the count of seabirds and reptiles. Rates are the potential source of allergies. Their dropping hairs can cause people sneeze and experience all the allergic reactions. The disease that is spread by rats can be categorised in two parts. One is Diseases from direct exposure of rats. And the other is indirectly transmitted from the rats. Both of them can be deadly for the human life.


    A cockroach can measure up to 2 Inch in length. The cockroach has 6 legs, two antennae and some have wings. But most of the winged cockroaches are not adapted to the use. Cockroaches emit unpleasant odours and may also produce sound. Cockroaches can live on a wide food range, including garbage of your home. It is believed to spread a number of diseases to human. Cockroaches will vomit and defecate on human food. It is clear that any of human can get ill after eating food contaminated by cockroaches. cockroaches can spread a range of bacteria, which can give some illness to humans. They may also give allergies and asthma symptoms to Human.


    The effect of bed bugs infection has increased throughout the world, in a drastic way. They have high adaptive nature, that allows them to live 12 months a year. These bed bugs can spread diseases both in public and private places. They are almost impossible to prevent in bringing to the property. This is because they can be bought in by people in luggage and clothing. Also, they can be bought in by any external contact of laundry services or antique furniture. This blood sucking parasite is most found in the area of extreme poverty. This is because they don't have proper resources to control them. The Impact on human health from the bedbug is significant. Although they are not considered as the disease vectors. There are many things they associate in the cause of disease. They can cause you many skin problems, unpleasant odour due to chemical secretion. They can also cause allergies and psychological stress.


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