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    Ways to Keep Ants away without Killing

    Ants are very hard working, they are one of the hardest workers. They also have a great sense of community. But this doesn’t mean that they can become the unwanted guest in your house. They come in your house in search of food, shelter or both. And if once they get in, you can see the lines of ants walking on the floor or on the wall. Nobody likes the ant's invasion in the house. The most targeted place of the ant's invasion is the kitchen. And if they get there, you might start thinking to use the intense chemical to get rid of them. You might think that this intense chemical would quickly get rid of those ants. Yes, it's true but before calling an examiner. You can use these simple home remedies that would make you house ant free. Ants have the incredible sense of smell. They can smell better than any of the other pests. They are four to five times odour receptors. This quality can be used to remove them out of your house. Here is some those method that can be used.

    Use White Vinegar

    White vinegar is known for its strong smell. This smell has the power to repel ants. You can create a spray solution that would make it easy to spread. Mix half water and half vinegar and fill that solution in the spray bottle. Use this spray at the areas where ants crawl. This will not kill but weaken the sense of smell. Also, this prevents them from entering the same hole or cracking from where they came. This interrupts the ant tales. Also, will discourage them from making the new ones.

    Use of Lemon Juice

    This is the best way to get rid of ants from the kitchen. First, find the direction of the ants. Once you have found it, directly drop the lemon juice over there. You can also apply as like the Vinegar. Ants hate the acetic sense of the lemon juice. This will create the same effect as that of Vinegar.

    Coffee Grounds

    If you are a coffee drinker, you will have coffee grounds. You can get rid of those grounds and this will help you keep away from Ants. This is another scent based remedy. This will help you get rid of the ants. Also, will prevent your kitchen from getting attacked by ants. One more thing, if you want you can go one step further in this process. You can put the coffee ground at the popular entry places of pests. Also, the coffee grounds are biodegradable, so you won't need to work on the cleaning too.

    Draw The Line

    If you have noticed during the summer. The ant and the side walk chalk never mix. This is because if they walk on the chalk. They get stumbled and get covered in the stuff. Also, some people suggest that ants get killed by the minerals present in the chalk. To do this draw a thick line with the chalk. You can draw the line around the entrance of the ant. Also, make sure if you are drawing the line near the entrance. Preferably make the thick rounds near the entrance. One more thing to remember using this method. The chalk method is more effective when used with other methods. So if you are planning to use this method you can create a collab of two methods. Like you can keep the mixture of boric acid and salt near their entrance. And then border it with the heavy chalk lines.
    Along with all these methods, there are also some other home remedies that you can use for keeping the ant away. The Other that you can use is Cinnamon. Ants also don't like the smell of cinnamon, so you can sprinkle that near their entrance. You can also you the mints and other herbs, they can be used in the same way as that of vinegar or lemon Juice.
    Also, one thing to remember, don’t be afraid to use these remedies again. These remedies won’t cause any damage to your health, so don’t worry while using them. Also, a simple and effective means can be by destroying their whole colony. You can pour a bucket of water on their mud colony at their opening to destroy them. Also, the natural methods will take some time but it will give you good results. Also, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on the pest control, as these remedies are cheap in cost. And it is healthier for you and your family because you don’t need to use those chemical pesticides in your house.


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