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    Tips and tricks for pests control in Noida in rainy season

    Rainy season or the Monsoon is the most awaited season by all. It starts from July and ends in September in India. It offers many varieties of fruits and vegetables. Yet we cannot ignore that monsoon brings many kinds of diseases with it. It causes many health problems. Like everything has a good and bad side. It gives relief from the scorching heat of the sun in summer. But it is the most favorable season for the pests. Pests get an invitation during rainy reasons. To get rid of the pests you need to follow the listed points which given below:-

    Recycled Items should kept outside the house. It is not sure that all the containers cleaned. It offers flies and bugs. You can find a line of ants surrounded the place. It offers many kinds of diseases. All the recycled bin should cover with the tight fitting lid and should keep clean. It's advised to throw all the disposal in the recycled bin and it should keep far from your place.

    Lights are the sources which invite flying ants and insects. Halogen lights are the most effective one. Dim lights should place in the exterior part of your house. The light colours like pink, orange and yellow bulbs will be less attractive to the insects. The light pole should place far away from the house.

    Maintaining your garden is the another step to get rid of pests and insects. Don’t allow water to store in any container. Running water never allows breeding mosquito or any other insects. Place rocks and stones in the garden area. It allows fewer insects. Hire a pest control company to spray in your ward to keep your garden area free from pests. Remove wooden logs or small bamboo sticks from your garden area. It offers many insects to breed.

    Open Food is the invitation to the bees and flies. Food attracts flying insects and ants. Always keep your food sealed in the glass container or covered in plastic containers. Never eat food from outside stall as those are unhygienic. Always choose a sealed pack food items. Remove food from your kitchen shelf, pantry and the place where you have stored. Check the expiry date first and then use. Foods that kept from many times on the shelves are for sure get expired. Must check the packaging dates. Once the food is destroyed you can get the rotten smell. You can also see white worms with its web all over the food. It causes many types of skin diseases. Don’t let ripe fruits or vegetables to store outside the refrigerator.

    Litter and Trashes should keep clean. It spread many harmful diseases to your house. Don't leave standing water on the trash boxes. Trashes should cover with tight fitting lids. It invites flying insects. It offers mosquitos to lay eggs and spread their family. They cause diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya. Clean the area and trash can. Use a garbage disposal bag.

    Clean your sinks and floors with some antiseptic perfumed liquid soaps or phenyl. As much as you keep your home clean the more you and your family will stay healthy. Spray mosquito repellants in every corner of your room. Take out your trash regular basis. Wipe your kitchen walls, dishes and sink. Remove food and keep it into their suitable places. Clean your windows and doors twice a week. If you have placed a swing outside your house. Then inspect the chains if there is no eggs sacks or spider webs. Vacuum your house or office daily. Change your bedsheets, pillow covers on regular basis. Change your curtains twice a week. Always keep dusting regular basis. Always try to keep your drain and bathroom clean. If you store firewood then keep it at least distance of five feet from your home or office. Woods offers termite. Stay out of it as those are very dangerous. A healthy home means healthy you and your family.

    Nowadays it is very necessary to control pests in Noida. The more polluted area causes the more amount of pests. Over 15 years and more, Pest control companies in Noida are trying to control pests from all over the world. It is very much needed to keep your place clean and pests free. For that, you need to hire a pest controller in Noida and keep your area flies free. Pest control should practice 4 times a Year.


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