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    FLIES How to keep them away in Rainy Season

    Flies are not that harmful but they are annoying. They create an unpleasant atmosphere around you and you won’t like that in your house. Flies are also capable of spreading many harmful diseases. The most common they spread are Malaria, Typhoid and Cholera. The reason files spread the disease is flown sit on anything either it is garbage or waste material. Flies pick up the bacteria from the waste material and then transfer it to your food. They sit anywhere in your house like food, clothes faces and anything. This causes them to spread the diseases. If you think of about getting sick from this. Imagine the group of flies enjoying the dinner on your table. It won’t be pleasing for sure.

    When it comes to the Rainy season, they are more active. Flies are the cold blooded animal. So they love water and humid climate. During the rainy season, they get more active and it is there the perfect time to reproduce. In these season the bacteria are also more active causing more harmful disease. And combining these two things together. The flies are more dangerous during the rainy season. You need to take some majors to get rid of the flies during the monsoon. So here are some of those tips to keep them away.

    Dispose Waste

    The first step that needs to take care is of proper disposal of the waste. Regularly dispose of the waste of your house. Keep the waste away from your house.

    Keep the garbage bin covered

    The other thing that you need to take care is, managing the garbage. Garbage is the flies favourite spot to bread. So if you keep your garbage covered this will lower the number of flies. Make sure that your garbage is always covered. Always put an outer bag in the garbage can. This will make sure that garbage won’t stick to the bin. Also, there won’t be flies moving all around.

    Cover your food

    Keep the food covered all time. This will decrease the spread of the disease. Freshly cut fruits and meat attract the flies. This the reason you should always keep the food covered.

    Maintain your pets

    This is also an important thing to do. Because if your pet is not clear. There would be flies that would sit all over. Make a regular bath to your pets. Clean their waste properly. When they are coming into the house clean their paws. Because they might bring the dirt in the house and invite flies in your house.

    Clean every area of the house with disinfectant

    Keep a major focus on this thing. Do the cleaning using the disinfectant for all the cleaning. Most preferred is to use the chlorine based cleaner it the most preferred for all the cleaning. Because this thing will keep away all the flies. Clean all the corners of your house. Have a good look at kitchen, bathrooms and dining places. This is because most of the flies are attracted towards the moist.

    Using window nets

    Using Window nets. Window net is another good option to stop flies. You can prefer this if you love the cool nature breeze. The nets not only stop the flies invasion, But also the other pest to enter your House. Also, you can enjoy the cool breeze along with keeping the best out of your house.

    Drain Extra Water

    Draining extra water from your can be an important factor to keep the flies away. This is because flies love moisture. You should clean any drop of water in your room or shower. Also, do not let any wet cloth on the floor. Also, do not any container of water open. Otherwise, this will attract more flies to your house.

    Using insect repellent Sprays

    All the majors you have taken are effective. But when you are going out of your house there are flies everywhere. So to get rid of them, you should you the insect repellent. Do remember to use the spray on your children. So you can keep the flies away.

    Flies get more active during the monsoon. Monsoon is indeed the best time for them to breed. You can take all these prevent that will help you prevent from the flies. Also, these all things work slowly, but they are effective. Taking all these things you can get prevention from the flies. If the flies issue is bigger and is not solved by all these cures. Then you might need the help of the professional pest control services in Navi Mumbai. Do take care of these services they will help you get rid of this issue. Because they have the proper information of how to get rid of these problems.



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