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    Fascinating Facts about Mice

    House Mice are one of the most common mammals in the human world. They are found in most of the house, shops and anywhere. It is not a surprise that most of the homeowners are reported dealing with this infection. They are facing this issue one or the other time. And they are the most common pest most of the people think they know about the mouse. But, there are many things that you need to know about this household pest.

    There is another side of the mouse you need to know. They are also preferred as the house pet. They are a very cute little creature. They are more popularised because of the cartoon character “Tom and Jerry”. Here are some of the fascinating facts about the mice. Take a look.

    Mice are very little funny creatures that are very much social. Also, they are one of the cleanest pet so you can keep them in your house. You can keep them hassle free in the cage. You can use the cage dividing it efficiently. One place in their cages to put their food, one to use as a bathroom and another area where they like to sleep

    Mice are the more social animal. They are the happiest creature if kept with at least one other mouse.

    There are many different varieties of the mouse. They more than thousands of species of mouse. It is not that all the mouses are the good pet. Some of them are not. These species of the mouse include domestic mice. Also, there are fancy mice, spiny mice and zebra mice.

    If the mouse feels the danger, it would be played as a dead. And will continue to play dead until it feels that the danger is gone.

    The male mouse is known to court their mates. They do this by singing the love songs for the females. And they have their own “mouse song”. Also in the recent research done it is concluded that in among the few singing mammals. These mammals are only bats, whales and human beings, and now added with the mice,

    The average lifespan of the mouse is 1 to 2 years. And if the conditions in which they live is good, they can even live more than that. It is recorded that back in the year 1997, a cloned mouse to have the longest life. That mouse was able to live for 2 years and 7 months.

    The tail of the mouse is usually as long as that of its body. Also, the mouse has the whiskers. Which they used to detect any changes in the temperature around them. They also use their whiskers for knowing the things around them, whether they are soft or rough. These are the thing detected when they run through the place.

    Mice are very good at climbing, because of their tail. They have scales on their tails that help them climb up things. So that is very much adapted towards the climbing. Also, they are very light weight. The average weight of the normal mice is between 15 to 30 grams.

    If the mouse lives in the wild area they will eat almost anything they come across. Also, they mostly prefer groups in these wild areas. And these groups are referred as “mischief”.

    Mice have a good athlete. They can jump across the around 12 feet, that too without having any injuries. Also, they can fall down the same distance without any harm.

    If you want to track the mouse it very easy. As the Mice trails can be easily spotted. This is because the mouse uses the same route. They repeatedly use that route every day for going back and forth. They use this route for going anywhere. Also, mice don’t like to travel very far from their nest. Usually, they go around 12 to 20 feet from their nest. So their nest can be found easily from their trail

    The domestic mouse or house mice breed throughout the year. Mice can even get pregnant within 48 hours of giving birth to the younger once. And hence they can multiply their count quickly. So if you are having the pet as a mouse, remember to keep them of the same sex. Also, the male mouse is preferred for the pet.

    The male mice are called as the bucks. While the Females mouses are referred as Does. and the Baby mice are called Kittens. some of these babies are also called as pinky.


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