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    How of Getting Rid of Bed Bugs - DIY methods

    Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest problems to get rid off. They love to hide, they can hide anywhere either it is your bed or any other place. The best solution to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a pest control company in Lucknow. Because they have the experience to successfully controlling bedbugs. But, Unfortunately, this can be expensive and all the people won't afford it. If you feel that you can't hire and afford the professional for bed bugs. Also if you want to get rid of them on your own, here are some DIY tips for you.

    The scariest truth about bedbugs is you can't detect the problem early. the bed bug problem can't be detected until a few days after you bitten by the bugs. These bloodsucking pests are most active during the night. It is very rare that a victim of bedbugs sees them. Thus, Prevention is the best strategy to take against bed bugs. But, some how if you find bed bugs problem in your house. Then here are a few treatments that will help you to reduce the number of these bugs.

    Determine which rooms are infested

    The first thing you need to do is, find the infected room. Bedrooms are the most important locations for bed bugs. But, any room where people sleep in the home may be infected by the bed bugs. The common site is the living room with sofa and sofa bed. The infections start only form a single room and then spread in the other area where people live. Finding the infection as soon as possible would be better. Because treating it as soon as possible will make it easier to get rid of the problem. If you wait for too long for the treatment the infection would be spread throughout your house.

    Don’t throw your bed or other infected furniture away

    If you found the infection on any of the furniture. Don’t just throw it away. It can be very costly, and even need more expensive than that of the pest control treatment. Also if you think by throwing the infected furniture away the infection would be gone, then you are wrong. It is possible once you bring the new bed, your house would get re-infected. Instead of throwing it away, do the necessary treatment on it and use it again.

    Take the infected bedding and garments to Laundry

    If you found that your bed is infected. Take all the bedding to the laundry, wash them in a hot water, at least at a temperature of 500C. Also, washing will do the trick and make that laundry or garment infection free. Also if the washing is not available there are some other options that you can try. You can heat the garments or bed lines in the cloth dryer around for 20 min, this will work. Also, you can use your household dryer to do so, by setting the temperature that would kill the bed bugs.

    Treat other areas in your home

    This is one of the most challenging things to do in DIY bed bug control. If you have caught an infestation early in your house or a room, you may not need the more thing to do. You can treat that by isolating the infected room and bed. But if the infections have spread to the other part of room and bed isolation may not work Enough. In this case, you may need the professional help. This is especially when you don't move your furniture. Also, you can treat the other parts of the house to get rid of the infections.

    Vacuum and Dispose

    For the cleaning process, you should vacuum around your mattress and another part of the house. Also should vacuum around the bed frame, under the bed or other places where the bugs can hide. Also, dispose your vacuum bag outside of trash in the safe area from bedbugs.

    Select and use insecticides safely

    Unfortunately, bed bugs are repellent to most of the insecticides. And there no magic pesticide that would kill them fast. Many pesticides are available that would help to treat the bed bugs. They need to be used safely and by the instruction. But many of them are ineffective, like the bug bombs, they are very much ineffective in the control of bed bugs. This is because they love hiding in the cracks and another place. These pesticides don’t go into cracks and they avoid getting in contact with pesticides. So choose your pesticide carefully which will help you get rid of this infection.


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