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    5 Ways Your Home is Attractive to Pests and Solution to avoid them

    Have you been surprised by why all the insects and pest are attracted to your house? From where all these pests come to your house. One thing is for sure if you have the pest in your house. That means there are some things that are attracting pests to your home. Your home can attract pests in all the simple way that is not even thinkable. So if you are facing this problem take a look at the following things. Also by avoiding this you can get rid of the pests in your home.

    Waste Disposal Management

    Waste Disposal it is one of the biggest factors that affects pest. When it comes to proper waste disposal. There are different issues for both indoor and outdoor storage. If you leave trash inside of the house for a long time. The trash may attract flies or other nasty pests. Keeping it outside is also not too safe. It would feed them and give a reason to stay in your house parameter. Rotting garbage is like a dinner bell for mouse and rats. This condition of trash should be take care of.

    Thing to take care

    The best thing to do so is, by tight sealing the waste. The disposal of the waste should be proper. Putting your garbage in the closeable bag. And dumping the garbage at the proper time will help you avoid the unwanted entry of pests. You please take help from pest control services in Kolkata.

    Improper food Storage

    The next thing you should look at is proper food storage. IT can be compared to waste disposal. This is because it will cause the same effect, as that of improper waste disposal. If you don’t store the food properly it will invite the unwanted pests. Even the cleanest kitchen can have enough food to increase the pest population. Because they don’t need much food. A corn flake is enough for a cockroach for live quite some days.

    Thing to take care

    To minimise the impact you can store your food properly. Proper storing of human and pet food will decrease the chances of pest entry. Also, not to forget to close windows at the time you have kept your food open. Also, take the necessary precautions at the time of cooking food on outdoor or grill. Please take the help from pest control Kolkata for the right solution.

    Still Water

    The other thing that is an open invitation for the pests is Still water. Pests love to water the most. And they can live on the stagnant water in and around your home. The water in bird baths, for instance. This is the best ideal place for the mosquito to breed. Also, Other pests to are very much attracted towards the standing water.

    Thing to take care

    To avoid this thing it is up to you. For avoiding this you need to have a close look at the area near you and check whether there is any standing water or not. If there is any standing water remove it. And if you are living in an area near water, then you will find more pests around your house. So, in that case, you need to take more precautions to not let the unwanted guest in. You can hire pest control in Kolkata.

    Humid Condition

    You may not feel the difference between the normal humidity and the high humidity. But the pest can notice that. And it would be the best for them to live in a high humidity area. They have the perfect climate not only to live but also reproduce. They love water, and if there is any leakage in the house they would love to live there. It is the perfect living condition for them.

    Thing to take care

    Check the humidity level of your house. Also, install the proper ventilation in the humid areas. The area like a basement and the store room. These areas should be properly ventilated. Other than that, check for the water leakage. Call the plumber and fix the issue of any leakage. This all thing will decrease the rate of the pest in your house. You can get an help from professional pest control services provider in kolkata city.

    Gaps and Cracks

    If you have gaps and cracks in your house. This will allow the pest to go in and out of the house with an ease. This will suffer you for all kind of pest problem. Although you have thought that you have filled all the holes and gaps in your house. There are some gaps that would help the passage of the pests. The gaps may be opening around wire and pipe, Gaps under your garage door. Roof vents and other tiny places that can cause the entry of such unwanted guests.

    Thing to take care

    For getting rid of this issue, you need to carefully inspect your home. Take a pen and paper and note all the small openings of your house. seal these opening completely. Also for the cracks in the foundation and the walls. Inspect the vents and plumbing pipes. If there is any such gap fill those. You can hire a pest control in Kolkata from our website.


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