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    Tips To Prevent A Honey Bee Swarm

    The word swarm gives the negative picture in your head. Thinking about a buzzing insect that has blackened the sky with the intent to kill. But this not the case with bee swarm. The bee swarms are very docile, they don’t have children, honey or home to defend. Swarming of honey bee occurs when the honeybee colony feels the urge to expand. They will create a new queen, and leave her behind to spread-head the mother colony. Around 10,000 bees with the old queen then go in search for new home.

    Most of the time they settle in a spot near the old house for several days. And the scout bees from the group go in search for the new location, where they can set a new swarm. Swarming in your location won’t be preferred. And this is an uncontrollable event that you and your neighbour don’t like. It is not good to kill them because they are important for the eco system. So if you don’t want to live near the hives. Here are some of the tips that will help you prevent the swarms to settle in your surrounding.

    Conduct Early Inspections

    The first step that you need to take for staying away from bees is to inspect. You should know what is going inside of your surrounding. By inspecting this you can prevent the major damage going around. During the inspection, you want to monitor the growth of bees. And also take of the following things

    Has the queen bee looking to expand the nest?
    Is there enough room for them to store honey?
    And most important is do you see the beginning of the swarm cells?
    In case there is a beginning of the swamp cells, contact the local beekeeper they can stop that. It will be done by cutting out the swarm cell. Swarm cell is the intent that the colony has already put the plan into motion and they are very much intent to swarm. So you should be prepared for that.

    Provide Enough Space

    The main reason of a bee colony to for a swarm is the space. It is if they don’t have the enough space they will start making swarms. In the springs there is perfect condition for bees to reproduce. This is why the population of them increases. In some short time of the week, they will fill up all the space in the hive. If they don’t get the more space required they will start swarming. Give them the space they need, this is the best way to convince the bees not to swarm.
    Sometimes there is an enough space for them but they don’t know that. The Queen bee plays important role in it. The queen stays in the upward tragedy and works store the honey near it. If the queen bee has moved her board nest high in the hive, then the most bottom part remains empty. But these bees think that there is no space left in the hive. You can do one thing, in this case, you can move the most bottom empty part to the top and shifting the rest down. This will give them enough space and you won’t need to worry about swarming.

    Be Prepared

    The swarm colony is an inevitability for beekeeping. It is like losing the hives or getting stung. It better to be prepared for the swarm, because the better you, the easier your loss. It is better to anticipate the swarm season. And knowing to the season plant some extra trap and also the extra hive bodies. Also place them strategically in your place, and hope the swarm starts in the plotted area. Also, make sure the arrangements you make are complete in order to get the best results. You can add a few drop of lemongrass essential oil in the swarm trap. Or you can put this on the sheet of muslin or cotton. Now place this sheet in the trap. The smell of this will attract the queen. This encourages scout bees to take a close look at your trap set for the swarm. Hope, they choose the trap and settle there this will help you recapture your swarm and increase the bees.

    Educate Your Neighbours

    As part of swarming is concerned, it is the way bees propagate. Also, the colonies that swam are considered as healthy colonies. But as the swarm season starts, don’t forget to educate your neighbours. What is the best defence they should take? Also educate them about the swarms, that they are very kind in nature, and are temporary. Also not to forget to call you right away once they see them. This will encourage your neighbours to live with comfort. It will help you collect you swarm if they are gone out of the trap.


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