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    Honey Bee Swarms and their Control

    Honey Bees are fascinating social insects. They have a complex set of behaviour. One of the most complex behaviours of them is swarming. This method is used from bees to form new colonies. A swarm is only a honeybee colony searching for a new site for nesting. This group consist of the mated queen and along with her thousands of worker bees. These bees are not much aggressive, but sometimes they can become aggressive. This is the reason they should be approached with safety. If you are not an experienced beekeeper, it's better to stay away from getting too close of these colonies.

    Swarm bees possess very little threat to humans. They in rare case string to a Ventura. This is the reason they provide a good chance to study bee behaviour and the problems they can cause. But when these swarm bees come to close to the human colonies or the area of human activities. They might create a treat between these peoples. They at that time need to control to keep the human area safe. Also, if Africanized honey bees are settled at any point of human activities. It becomes very much necessary to control these wild bee swarms at the affected area. Otherwise, they can create a lot problem to an affected human colony. Here are some of that method explained that will help you control the swarms.

    Methods to Control swarming

    There are many methods that you can use control the swarming. Each method requires to additional equipment. And some of these activities can be followed by you. So take a look at the following methods.

    Using soapy water to control bees

    Soapy water, the use of this is the safe and effective way to control the unwanted honey bees swarm. This water is an effective tactic in drowning honey bee only if they are messy and in exposed swarm. Method is not effective if colony is in the area like hollow trees, wall voids, or underground nest. Also, this method won't recommended for using to kill the managed colonies where the bees live in a comb. As this won't be an effective way to do so.
    In this method take the 1/4th bowl of liquid dishwasher detergent. Mix it to 1 litre of water, fill up it in the garden sprayer. Use this spray on the new settling swarm. Continue process of spraying until all the new bees exposed and covered and drowning. Also, place a garbage bin or some thing as a replicate. This is because the covered bees would fell down from the swarm. You need something to catch these soaked bees.

    Call a beekeeper

    This is the best to deal with the bees. As the local bee keeper for the help with your bee problem. They may save most of those bees by transferring them to new hive boxes. This can be done in several ways. If the hive is easy to access then the beekeeper would simply cut the comb and transfer it to the hive box. But, if the hive is located in a trap, They can place the hive near the entrance and bees will move towards by themselves. Another method that a beekeeper uses is they place an exit cone over the entrance of the hive. This traps the worker bees and then the body of the hive is moved to the Hive box. After this, all the worker bees would join them.

    Wait for the Bee season to go

    You might think that this is a crazy thing to do. But it is very much effective. Bees generally are not aggressive. If the bees have set their residence on a tree fence or other location that is near your house. You should live it alone and allow the bee season to pass. They won’t harm you if you don’t disturb them doing their own business. And you should not have a problem with that. When the winter season is set, the worker bees die and the new queen leaves the nest. After that, you can safely remove the nest.


    Bees swarms should not be killed on the immediate basis. Bees are the most beneficial insects. They help flower and vegetables pollinate. They are very important for human life. You should not interfere in their work. If they are not causing a distinct problem and can be tolerated, they should be left alone. Most of the honey bees will live their resting site within some hours. And if you think that you can’t tolerate the bees in your surrounding. You should take the necessary precautions, will not let them enter your surrounding.


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