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    DIY: Tips for pest control in Hyderabad

    Rats, mice, squirrel and other insect have a strange ability to very easily find a way to your house. It is a difficult task to keep them out of your house. You can’t even imagine the small hole from which this pest can enter. There are many you can do the pest control on yourself. But without the proper knowledge, this methods won’t be that effective. Here are some tips that will help you do pest control in your office and home in the city of Hyderabad.
    Most of the time when you see that pest is affecting your house. The first thing that you do is hire a pest control company in Hyderabad. This is one of the most effective ways. As most of the contractors are reliable, they manage to finish the work efficiently. Sometimes DIY tips help you to get rid of the pest for a long time. Also, it will help you cut the cost. So if you are looking for a cost cut, and an effective pest control in Hyderabad does follow the following tips.

    Understand the health risk associated

    The first thing that people need to understand is that what are things that pests affect. The most important of those is the Health issues. There are many health issues that we need to face because of the pests. It is not that they only damage your Home, they do damage your health. If these creatures are left open to room in your house. They can spread the diseases within a couple of weeks or sometimes days. If you understand the risk properly, you can aid it more efficiently. The major the threatened is from the pest like mice, cockroaches. This pest can spread some dangerous disease-causing Serious damage to your Health.

    Check and inspect

    The next step you need to take care is check and Inspect. You should regularly check the vents and the opening area in all the house. As these may open the door for the outdoor insects to enter the house. And make a comfort zone for the pests and birds. The thing you need to do it yourself while inspecting the house is simple. You should carry a paper and pen with you while making the inspection. If you spot anything that is noticeable and potential of being a hole, mark that place. Do not that place on your paper, so once you come back can seal it. Sealing the access holes is a secret weapon in pest control services in Hyderabad. It is the very much effective way for the pest control in Hyderabad.

    Ventilation is the key. Sealing Entry point to your house. Use the humidifier in the moist area, this will keep these places dry. The area’s like a basement, store room, and crawl space are the area that you need to use the humidifier. Pests love the damp place, this is a perfect atmosphere to reproduce. So make sure that your house is ventilated good enough and dry, this will stop their reproduction. More often a pest problem can easily be cured by good ventilation. The result of ventilation is that it encourages the pest to move on, as they can’t reproduce in a dry climate.

    Cracks in the foundation of your house and Gaps between the wall is like an open invitation for the pests. Pay close attention to the crevices to avoid pest to enter your home. This work would include some of the hunting around the entry points like door frames and windows. But all this work will pay off. And you can get rid of the pests.

    How's your Drainage

    The next thing that you need to check is a very important point to notice. Fix any kind of the damage or leakage in your drainage system. This is because pests love moisture. Repairing them prevents the attraction of most of the pests.

    The more moisture you allow in your house, the more pest in your house. This is the reason most of the pests are found in the kitchen and bathroom area. So make sure, have a regular maintenance of your drainage system and no area is left moist for no reason.


    The last thing after all this process is, spraying the pesticide. There are many new pesticide and insecticide that work fast and easy to remove the pest. Remember before using the spray read all the instructions and product information. Also, keep in mind to buy the product that is safe for the house and won't cause any health effects. Insecticides with the strong chemical that exposed to human can cause health issues. So if you are planning this to use. Remember to wear the mask while using this.


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