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    How to Prevent and avoid Bed Bug Infestation

    Bed bugs are the insects that multiply fast, they live even the cleanest place. It is not that they are found only in messy or dirty areas. Bed bugs can be found at Beds, clothing, furniture, and rugs, these are the most common place to find them. According to the recent survey, it is found that bed bugs exist anywhere there are people. These insects live on the human blood. They are very small in size flat and oval in shape around the size of apple seeds. They are found in different shades of brown.

    Bed bugs are great hitchhikers. They are able to move from an infested site to a new home by travelling on anything. Either it is furniture, bed, luggage, boxes, or clothing it can travel on anything. They have clever survival techniques. When bedbugs bite, they inject a sort of anaesthetizing agent. This allows them to bite painless. This is a good technique because if there is a pain for their victim and the victim woke up. Then there will not too many bed bugs left for the next day to feed. Once they have but they have a number of places to hide, either it is loose wallpaper, electrical board or other.

    How to Prevent and Avoid Bed Bug Infestation

    Whenever you go to some hotel, check the hotel room before unpacking the luggage. You can do this by pulling back the sheets and checking the bed. Also, check the box spring and around the headboard area. then you can enjoy the stay at a hotel. Once you are back to home if you think there is a possibility of infection, open the bags outside.

    The next thing you need to do is, After purchasing furniture or used items. Before taking them home, check for bed bugs. This is important as it may give a direct entry to them in the house. You also check that for the new furniture bought from a warehouse and also the used furniture bought.

    Bed bugs attach them to pets and other wild animals. you need to Check your pets for bugs. You should check their fur before allowing them in the house. This is very important otherwise they will have a direct entry into your house.

    Save the spiders! You can also save the spiders in your house, they will get rid of the bugs. This is because Spiders are a natural predator to bed bugs.

    Bugs prefer to hide in the darkness. You should inspect your bed and mattress regularly. Also if possible use chain covers for the mattress, this will help reduce the spread of the bed bugs.

    Things to do when you suspect bed bugs in your home

    The first thing to remember once you suspect bed bugs in your home. Don’t jump directly to the pesticide spray or pesticide use. Many pesticides are ineffective on killing bugs. Also, bed bugs have the go adaptability and they can adapt to them and can survive pesticides. Use professional steam or heat treatment to kill adults as well as eggs.

    Get the surety it is bedbug causing you the bits before you use any treatment. Don’t put the infected furniture on the streets or another area. This may cause them spread them to others home. If you are moving the infected furniture out, keep it in the locked damper or tag it as bedbug infested. If the furniture is useful, treat and clean it, it can be used. It is no need to dump that furniture.

    The most important thing you need to do is, clear the mess. If your house is full of clutter you won’t be able to treat the bed bugs and they will have more place to hide. Clear all the clutter, having a arranged home will make the treatment easy. And you will have less object to clean.

    There are many other things that you can use for the control of bed bug infections. Also, you can vacuum your home frequently, this will avoid the hitchhikers. Bedbugs are very sensitive to heat. They can’t stand at the temperature beyond 400C to 45OC. So you can use the steam cleaner on cracks and mattress weekly. Also if you want you can lower the temperature till 8 or 10OC this will also eradicate bed bug infections. Also, wash the fibres that you can wash in the hot water to get rid of the infection.


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