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    Termite Facts and Termite Prevention Tips

    Termites are wood-destroying insects and are the huge problem. They won't simply come in front of you. This is because they love dark and humid places, where they can hide. Termites can literally eat your home out from under you. They often do this without even knowing until the damage is done. They have the ability to eat through the wood or flooring undetected. They love spring time. This is because now they can reproduce and form new colonies. As it is very hard to detect termites, you might think how to do so. Here are some tips that will help you find the infections.

    How to recognise the Infection

    There are few signs that will help you detect that whether your house is termite affected. You can observe your house carefully. This will give you the complete idea of whether your house is affected or not. Also while doing the observation make sure you carry a notepad and pen to note down the things. Have a look at the following signs that indicate towards Termite Infection.

    Termite Mud

    Often termite builds mud tunnels. These tunnels are used for the moisture while they are searching the food. And also these are used to store that food that they have collected. The food they collect is either wood chips, firewood or mud. You can spot this termite mud usually at the furniture, underground or other such places. Also, you might notice this mud lying at you galleries or walls of the house. It is in an irregular pattern.

    Hollow sounding wood

    Termites love to stay in dark and moist climate. This the reason why they don’t feed on the wood, but on the interior of the wooden material. So if you check the wooden item. And they feel smooth and light check them again. There might be termites infesting the same from inside. And you can check them by tapping or knocking on the wooden surface. If it sounds hollow the inside part of the wood might be eaten by the termites.

    Crack on wood surfaces or doors

    Termites attack and eat away the plaster or wood surface. They cause the crack on the doors and walls. Do check for those cracks. if you find any of those cracks seal them on the immediate basis. Roof side, doors, windows are the most common place where termite attack. You can have a close look at these places.


    The termite cause termite droppings, they are usually called Frass. This has the colour of the wood. Because they eat their way through the infest wood. You can find this frass on the floors. If you find any of this dropping, there is a termite infestation.

    These things will help to find that whether your house has termite infestation or not. But one thing to remember is that you should not try to kill those termites on yourself. If you use the bug spray and kill those hundreds of termites that you are able to find. There might be possible that there are millions or more in their nest. They might be waiting to infest what you love the most- your Home. If you have spotted them, call the professional pest control in Dehradun that would help you get rid of termites.

    Useful Tips of Prevention

    The Termite infestation can cause your property severe damage. To prevent this damage there are some steps that you can take to prevent your house from termites. Here are some tips will help you protect termites damage your greatest investment.

    Reduce moisture in and around your house. This will keep the termite far from your house. Also, you need to repair any kind of leakage, either in the drainage pipe or the exteriors of the AC units. Also, make sure that you time to time check and repair the rotted roof shingles.
    Maintain at least 18 Inch gap between the soil and any wooden portion of the house. Keep your house fry, by using the proper ventilation. Also, shred the vines and hedges or any vegetation in your surrounding. This is important to keep the ventilation working properly.
    Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house. And also remember to keep it at least 5 inches above the soil. And when using it, Check for the pests before bringing it into the house for use. Make a routine to inspect the foundation of the house. Check whether there are any signs of mud tubes. Also, schedule a professional annual inspection. This will help you get the surety that your house is prevented from termites.


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