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    How to prepare for pest control treatment

    If you are going to have a pest control in Coimbatore treatment there are some things that you need to take care. There are preparations you need to make before the pest control official arrive. Hiring a pest control company in Coimbatore does not mean that you can call them and then sit back and wait. You need to make some specific preparation to make pest control more effective. For This Most of the pest control companies in Coimbatore will provide you with the list. The list will have a thing that you need to do before the pest control. If there is a lack of preparation the treatment can be unsafe or ineffective. Also, this can cause reinfection in the entire house. Many sectionals will not treat the area which is not prepared for the pest control.

    The preparation also depends on the what exact kind of pest control you are having. For example, if you are having a termite infection and are having its treatment. For the termite treatment or inspection, there is no need of any preparation from your part. But, if there is a chemical treatment for Cockroaches and ants things are different. There are few things that you need to take care before this pest control Coimbatore. Here are the things that you need to prepare for the pest control.

    Things to Do, Before the arrival of the Official

    The first thing that you need to do before any pest control is, you need to cover all the foods. Put all the food away. This includes items that are on the top bench. Also, cover the food in the pantry if you have not yet covered it.

    Also, all the doors should be tightly closed be any use of a pesticide. This because you won’t want that all the pesticide spray is drifted out of the house.

    The Other thing that you need to do is with the furniture of the house. You can move the big furniture away from the wall. The furniture like sofas, shelves and other storage items. By doing this you will provide the best access for the walls. If possible move all the furniture away from the wall around 3 to 4 feet. And the pesticides can be applied to the base of the wall and also along the skirting.

    If you have pets move them away, or treat them with fleas before the officials arrive. The birds and fishes have the worst effect of pesticides. So if you have those, move them out of the house till the pest control is done.

    Clean all the floor, don’t let any thing lying on the floor. This very important thing to do. Pick up the children toys, curtains and bedding if they are on the floor. Also, cover the baby’s bed, a safety of the babies is very important during the pest control.

    At last, you must be fully prepared to leave your house during the pest control services in Coimbatore. At Least for the couple of hours or more, you need to stay away from your place. The same will also go for any kind of pets you have. This is to ensure you that you don’t get affected by the use of pesticides.

    Things to Do, After the pest Control Treatment.

    The pest treatment at least needs a couple of hours to completely dry. This is very important time and you not open any entry during this time. Once the time is gone and you can go into your house. Here are the following things you need to follow.

    When you return from the treatment, you only use the vacuum for the floor. Also, make sure you don’t do the mopping for next 24 Hours.

    You should wash all the kitchen utensils once the treatment is done. Also, make sure that you clean the entire kitchen Counter. Also, clean the dining table and then only make the use of them

    Avoid watering your plant immediately after the pest control treatment. At least a 10 hrs period is necessary to effectively of pest control after the treatment is done.

    Once you have returned home after the pest control treatment. Let the fresh air pass through out the building. Also, cross ventilating the house is required after the treatment. Also, this will clear your indoor environment free from any toxic gas.

    Once the pest control Coimbatore is done, do these things to avoid it spread again. First of all clear all the rubbish things lying around your house. Cardboard and other things should be disposed of. Also, have look at your plumbing. Check for the leakage in your drainage system. If you find any fix it as soon as possible. This is because moisture and water are the open invitations to your house. Also, Clean your lawn and if there glittered leaves, clean them. Doing all these things will keep your house safe from the pests.


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