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    What is Pest Control in Chennai?

    Pests are the organisms, insects, animals, germs or unwanted plants which interfere with human activity. They may destroy crops. They may bite. They may cause diseases and can make your live more difficult to survive. It is very important to not to store water in an open area. Reservoir should be clean once or twice a week. Mosquitos and the other small insects are feed on clean water. Always keep your bathroom and kitchen as dry as possible. Don’t leave your pet’s water utensil outside the door. Don’t let water to collect in pots under plants.

    It causes several diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, malaria, dengue and so on. Parasites are to be killed with pest control in Chennai city.

    To control pests, you need to identify that what kind of pests is it? Which chemical should be used to control it?

    The pesticides should be suitable for the pests which you are trying to kill. The outer shell of coconut should not be kept outside your living area. It allows to collect water and spread diseases. Carpets should be vacuumed daily for fleas. Ripe fruits or sweets should not kept open. It welcomes to flies.

    Food attracts flies and bees. So it's very necessary to keep your food covered with plastic containers. A hygienic food is the key to a healthy family. The food which you want to store for long time, keep it into the refrigerator. Keep your pet’s food into a airtight container. Wash your dishes and sinks daily. Use a trash box and was it daily.

    In India splitting is the major problem.People have tobacco and split it over the walls. These causes the area infected with germs. Government should make a rule and charge a sum of fine from the person whom they caught splitting. Tobacco and Nicotine should be banned in every part of the countries. Open toilets should also be banned.

    Dispose all the garbage bags into the trash box. Apply naphthalene balls in your cupboard to protect your clothes from moths. Boric powder is the best pesticide to get rid of cockroaches, ants and mice in our daily household. It is the less toxic pesticides which is safer for environment as well as you. But remember one thing! Keep them out of reach of children.

    Cuts are harmful to human. Use an antiseptic cream or spray to stay free from germs. Keep your drainage system clean.

    Apart from our daily life, pest control in Chennai plays a very vital role in our Indian agriculture. Pests like weed and unwanted plants destroys the crops. So it is very necessary to protect your farm or garden free from pests. In the medieval period people used wood ash and lime to protect the plants. Some use a substance from crude oil with sulphur. Later on lead, mercury, etc. are use to protect plants. Pest control should be practised 2-3 times a month. Airguns are used for small animals like squirrel and lizards which destroy crops.

    Common traits of pests and how to control them

    Earth is the only planet where there is life. It is the home for all the living beings. All the livings beings are connected to each other. Human being needs water, air and food to survive. This same goes with plants and animals. We get water from rain, food and air from plants. Plants are the most important component to survive on earth. We get oxygen from plants to survive. Nowadays plants are been cut down for several reasons.

    Woods from the plant is the important substance for which the plants are been cut down. We need to stop deforestation. The another source which is affecting plants is pests. Pests are the organisms or the animals which are destroying plants and crops from harvesting. There will be no existence of living beings if there is no trees on earth. So, it is most important to control plants from deforestation and pests.

    Today in this article we are going to discuss about the pests and how can we control them?

    What are the chemicals used in pest control?

    Most chemicals which are used in pest control are very harmful to humans. Every chemical should be approved by a government before it is sold. An active ingredient should be used to kill pests. Every chemical has a different mode of action.
    Some chemicals like Delta Dust (Deltsmethrim). It attacks on the central nervous system of a insect. Hydramethylnon is the chemical which is used to kill insect baits and ants. There are five types of pests which should be control according to it.

    Fungicide is used to kill fungi. Insecticide is used to kill insects. Herbicide is used to control weeds. Acaricides is used to kill ticks, mites and Nematicides are used to kill earthworm, leech.
    Other chemicals like boric powder, potassium permanganate are the pesticides which are used to control pets.


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