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    Effects of weather on Pest Population

    Pest always is looking for a warm safe shelter. They also look for the dependable food source. Unfortunately! All the things that pest are looking for are found in Homes. This is the reason pest leaves in homes. There is one thing that affects the pests most. It is the season or whether on which population of the pest depends. To know the exact precaution that you need to take care during the particular season. Here are some details that will help you get the information of pest in weather change.

    Winter Season

    Pest is cold blooded creatures. So there is a different effect of weather on them compared to the warm blooded creature. They need to find a way for surviving the drop of temperature. And also to make sure they return again in Springs. Some of the insects hold up or hibernate to conserve energy. This to avoid harsh climate and survive. Other migrate to the warmer place. Some of them get into the larva or egg stage in the ground or water. Many Insects survive these climates in a warmer shelter or another alternative. But mice and rats can’t tolerate the winter as much as the other insects do. They can find that warmer climate in homes only. So they search for a safe retreat that is inside of your homes. Thus, this very important for you to protect your home from this potential pest. And you should take the actions according to the condition. Also, the growth and the reproduction of the insects turn to least in this season. And if you take proper precaution in this month you can defend your home from Pests.

    Rainy Weather

    Pests like getting caught in a heavy rain about as much as we do. When you have a rainy day and a rainy weather. You can expect to see more pests seeking out of the shelter in your home. They are looking for warm temperature and food. As most of the pests start to come out of their hiding and living places. There is a shortage of food supply for them. This is the reason why are willing to go beyond their boundaries. This is a direct invitation, leading them to come to your house. But this is not the only thing to worry about. There are other things that are more important to worry for. The moist climate promotes their reproduction rates. This is the reason why there is an increase in growth of pests in this season. Ants are best known for reproducing like mad in wet, warm climates. This puts in a risk of pest invasion. The insects that you need to at are Ants, spiders, lady bugs, cockroaches, mice and rats. Because the rate of their activity increases in the rainy weather.

    Summer / Dry weather

    Summer means a defrost of the area, with warmer temperatures and longer days. This typically offers a reprieve from insects and pests that are seeking Home. They seek in your home for food, water and the place where they can mate. Summer is also known for the high numbers of mosquitos. This increase in number is because they are able to find store water sources. As this the perfect breeding site for them. Although mosquitos don't to get into your home. But their bites and general presence are dangerous in summers. At the summers Plants begin releasing pollen and their flowers begin to bloom. This is the best time for insects to come out of hibernation. They can get out of their hibernation state and find plenty of food to search. Now, insect begins to mate and repopulate their nests. Other insects will begin hunting for food and start attracting newly blooming gardens.


    The most important precaution you need to take in winter is only for rats and mice. You can take the appropriate action for them to enter your house. Check all the entry point of the house. Make sure all the holes or cracks are filled and sealed in the proper way. For the rainy season make sure that your house is properly ventilated. Also, make efforts to keep your society clean. The contact with dirty water should be avoided. You should not allow water to get stored for a long time in any place. Only eat freshly cooked food. By Taking this kind of actions you can prevent your house from the past.


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