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List of best pest control services in jaipur

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What is a pest?

Pest is unwanted and harmful insect or species which compromises with our health such as COCKROACHES, Ants, MOSQUITOES, WOODBORERS, TERMITES, BED BUGS, Some BIRDS, BEES, TICKS/FLEAS and RATS.

Why pest control is important?

Pest control is a method of keeping pests away from our home / office. It can also be used in agriculture land etc.

Pest control is very important to protect our health from unwanted pests not only in home but also in office. Here are some major reason why it is most important:
  • As we know pests can give us some of quite serious diseases. Such s rats can be a major reason of flag, mosquitoes are major reason of all fevers such as malaria, dengue etc. Cockroaches can carry harmful germs into their body.
  • In agriculture industries pests can waste production and resources. They can destroy entire production if they are not controlled.
  • Pest can damage existing structure of our homes etc. They are one of the major reason of dust etc.

How to select best pest control services in Jaipur?

We hereby help you to find top 5 pest control companies in Jaipur to protect your health.

Here are main types of pest control services in Jaipur.

Chemical pest control

Although chemical pest control is one of the fastest effective method of immediate removal of harmful pests, but this may lead to high health risks if done by non professionals. You must stay away from your home for 4-5 hours where this chemical pest control method is implemented.

Non Chemical Pest Control

This method uses non-toxic methods for controlling the pests. They uses natural pesticides for removal of pests. In non chemical pest control method we use some of the non harmful liquids which protects our health. These type of pest control services includes: Organic sprays, Bait method, Physical traps and Biological pest control. We hereby give you introduction of all.

Physical traps

This pest-control method can be used for rodents, siders, termites and sometimes cockroaches. Traps are done using similar size cage.

Organic sprays

In those kind of pest control methods we use liquids such as lemon juice, peppermint oils and extracts of other organic herbs. This leaves a good fragrance as well as.

Bait method

This is a very simple method of baiting bigger pests using poisons. We can ourselves use this method in our home, these poisons are generally mixed with some food to attract pests.


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