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Insurance cover is provided by Movers and Packers

Insurance is a cover that is always advised to be taken. So, that one can get reimbursed in cash or kind in case of any loss or damage to the goods. It is a “promise of compensation for specific potential. Future losses in exchange for a periodic payment”. Insurance intends to cover you for any financial loss suffered. While the goods are in someone else’s custody.

Packers and Movers offer you an insurance cover for a certain premium. This premium is calculated on the bases of the amount value of the goods that you plan to get covered. Such premium is paid by you for a certain time and during or after which the goods are fully insured.

The moving company will ask you to sign a contract in which you will clearly mention the type of insurance. That you will be purchasing and the moving company will mention the exact value. That will be made in case of any loss or damage to the goods. You can either disclose the full value of the goods or the weight of the goods. The insurance cover will be based upon the disclosure made by you.

Kinds of insurance offering by movers and packers Noida

There are various kinds of insurance like:

Household goods: household insurance cover is taken mostly in the case of relocations. The household insurance cover will cover you for any loss. And damage, breakage, theft. And, pilferage etc. Caused to the goods while the goods are in the custody of the packers and movers.

  • Cars/ vehicles: Movers and Packers Companies will provide a different insurance coverage. Also, for cars/vehicles. In case you are hiring a moving company for transporting your car. Along with household items, the insurance contract will clearly mention the same. Any loss or damage caused to the car while the same is being transported or in the custody of the movers and packers. They will be reimbursed as per the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Shipment/ marine insurance: Movers and Packers Noida Companies. Also, offer shipment/ marine insurance in case the goods are being transported via sea. Marine insurance is in the favor of the carrier. but in case the goods are disposed of in high seas due to a valid reason. The movers and packers Noida is supposed to fully reimburse you for the same.
  • Goods in transit: movers and packers Noida Companies also provide goods in transit insurance wherein the goods have an insurance cover for any loss or damage caused whilst the goods are in transit. This insurance coverage covers you in case any damage is caused due to the overturning of the truck, accident, theft etc.

Specific items insurance:

Moving companies also provide specific items insurance cover. In such cases, you are not required to cover the whole of the goods. and are allowed to take an insurance cover for specific items such as valuables. family heirlooms, designer wear etc.

In such cases, once the actual value of the goods has been disclosed the movers and packers Noida. The company is bound to reimburse you in cash or in kind in case of loss or damage to the said product specifically.

Valuable Packers and Movers in the market

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