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Glossary about packers and movers -

All the participant packers movers noida are verified with their documents such as Registration certificate, service tax etc.

Glossary About Packers And Movers Noida

When you want to know about any word or about anything else, you have to search about that meaning, Just like that, you should also know about the glossary of movers and packers. So that you can better understand the services of moving packing agencies.


Additional Transportation Charge: ATC is charged for maintaining the services offered by the movers' company or it is also used to charge especially while the consignment is moving through a crowded area.

Agent: Agent is an authorized representative of the moving company.

Advance charges: The amount offered to confirm the moving of consignment ordered by the consignor. It is demanded by the moving company to distribute the shares of third parties.


Blanket wrapping: Wrapping is another type of packing method to ensure the safety of furniture while moving.

Bonded Warehouse: Warehouse which is used to store the local goods meets the specifications of local customs and ordered to store at the warehouse whether they didn’t clear the customs clearance.

Bill of Lading: Bill of Lading is the receipt made while the goods loaded on the transit. It is basically a list of loading goods on the moving truck and it is the list of goods for transportation. It also contains the signature of the consignor while releasing loaded truck.


  • CarrierThe transit vehicle use to move goods from consignor’s place to the predestined spot.
  • Certified Scale: The scale is used by the authorized and licensed authority to the weighing of goods contained moving the truck.
  • ClaimThe payment demanded by the client or consignee for the damage of goods. The claim is decided at the time of appointment or mentioned in the indemnity cover documents.
  • Consignee: The person receives the consignment of goods sent by the consignor.
  • ConsignorThe person released goods and ordered a moving company to place the consignment to the consignee.


Destination Agent: A person authorized by the moving company to assist while moving the entire shipment from one place to another.

Dedicated Transit: A truck or moving van ordered to transport a shipment of a particular person, it can also be a demanded service required by a person to move his shipment using a single vehicle not on sharing basis.


Estimate: The paper consists the entire information of the consignment of goods including vehicle number and type, complete information of consignor and consignee, weight and size of consignment, the detailed information of charges for the whole consignment is mentioned on the same.


Flight Charges: These charges are demanded by the moving companies to carry goods from the upper floor to lower one such as piano.

Full Cover: Full cover is used in the insurance sector. It is used to represent the complete coverage of the goods including theft, damage, fire or loss of any items, the buyer will get the compensation of goods under full cover. The restriction of this cover is limited to the professionally packed articles.


  1. Inventory: Inventory used to provide the complete information of good’s condition earlier than loading on the moving truck.
  2. Inland MoveThis term is used for the moving procedure within the same country


Maid Service: Particular staff hired for the packing of goods like clothes and other equipment or usual articles into cupboards.


Order for Service Number: It is a special number usually mentioned on the upper left side of the Bill of Lading or Order of Service Invoice. OSN use to identify the consignment while moving.


PBO: This term is only used while a consignee/owner of goods used to pack all goods by his own for the moving of goods. It is mostly used while the DIY method of moving.

Professional Packing: The procedure used to pack whole goods while the relocation movement is done. This packing procedure is completed under the professional credentials of moving.


Tariff: The document paper offers the complete information of charges used to offer by a particular company for moving goods. Tariff is used to collectively provide the information for the entire information of charges for each moving service served by the moving company, complete information of each service and its rates according to each standard unit measured by the moving company and tariff card also provides information of the list of extra or complimentary services offered.

Transit Insurance: This is another type of moving insurance used to cover the transport vehicle.

Why Noida Movers And Packers Are Good To Hire For Shifting

There are several benefits of hiring Noida movers and packers to shift home, office, vehicle, industry, and other goods. To know the all advantages read below points:

  1. Quality packing of each item.
  2. Damage-free shifting
  3. Stress-free moving
  4. Shiting will be done with trained professionals
  5. On time delivery etc.


Glossary about packers and movers -

Imortant defination about packers and movers terms and a list of top 5 packers and movers in noida.

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