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Packing your plants by support of top 5 packers and movers Mumbai -

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Packing your plants by the support of TOP 5 packers and movers in Mumbai

TOP 5 packers and movers in Mumbai says there are various varieties of plants packing. Few need to be kept in sunlight all the while and a few needs to be kept inside the house for their survival.

Thus in case, you plan to move your plants, you need to move them as per their nature. It is very important that a constant supply of fresh air, water etc. That maintained for their survival and hence it is important to pack them.

Professional Packers and Movers suggest you some things. You must make sure that you have at least two to three weeks before you plan to make the move. This is important so that the plants can prepare.

At least two if not three weeks in advance you need to transplant the plants from their original cement etc. Pots to a normal plastic pot which is safe from any kind of breakage during the transit.

This transplantation should be done well in advance. So, that the plants can spread their roots in the new soil and start with their survival. It takes plants a few days to re-establish them and hence it is important that you do the transplantation well in advance.

TOP 5 packers and movers in Mumbai – Plants Transplantation

TOP 5 packers and movers Mumbai recommend, after the transplantation has been done you need to prune your plants. This will solve the dual purpose.

Firstly, pruning will save your plants from any kind of damage that can be caused by the leaves rubbing against each other.

And secondly, pruning helps in having new good and healthy leaves. So make sure you do the pruning. But, if you have plants like cactus and all, do not prune them as they do not need to be pruned.

Transfer all the plants in plastic pots: As you know the pots made of sand. So, these are breakable. Thus, during the move, you need to move them with plastic pots. So that they can shift without any damages. As this task is a like replanting. Thus, do this work before one week of your moving. So that they can easily grow up in your new pot.

Don't water in your plants, just before the moving: At the time when you are shifting to your new home with your plants. Keep in mind to stop watering in your pots before 2-3 days. Because if your pots will be wet, they can be leakage and they can make harm to your furniture. So keep your costly things safe you have to remember little things.

For more information and moving safe, you can contact TOP 5 movers and packers or fill your details on They will not only help you to move safely but also give some tips to make your shifting hassle free.

They will suggest everything about the shifting and handle all the task themselves. And you will feel free while packing and moving.

Mumbai Packers and Movers – Medicine 

Packers and movers Mumbai recommends you must also make sure that you spray the necessary medicine so that your plants do not have any insects or parasites that can damage the other plants also during the move.

In case you plan to relocate your plants to an international location, make sure you have the necessary documentation to prove that your plants are not infested and that the same are healthy enough to be moved abroad.

A day or two before the final move, make sure you water your plants normally. Do not over water them as this can damage the plant. Thus you need to be extra careful here and at the same time, you need to be careful about their hydration. You do not want to receive dead plants at the end of the move, so do take special care. 

Packers and Movers Mumbai - Transport

TOP 5 packers and movers Mumbai: suggests, though you can transport the plants via the truck or ship or rail etc. It is still wise to transport them with you in the car itself. While doing so, you can place the pots side by side in a carton and cover the bigger plants with a bed sheet etc.

This will create a protective layer against any kind of damage. While transporting them in the car it is important that you have fresh air flowing inside your car. This does not mean that you need to keep the window right next to the plant open. Hence make sure that you are extra careful during the whole process.

All these greatest guidelines to plant move offers by TOP 5 packers and movers in Mumbai.

Packers and Movers Mumbai - Pet Moving

When it gets to pets moving from one place to another, the task requires a personal attention. You must make sure for a stable, safe and easy journey for your four legs escort. Here, we have provided some of the pet moving tips that would make the relocation less traumatic for you and your pet, both.

#1.  Before relocation to the new house, get a complete medical check-up of your pet. Discuss your vet doctor, if any care has to be taken care of. Get all essential treatment done and a document showing your animal as well.

#2. Make sure that your pet's collar is easily tied, and accurately tagged. The tag must have your name and address specified over it.

#3. Move with the collar for pet's and also make sure to take a litter pan, scooper and flexible bags for esp. for pets like cats. Allow your animal to have a regular diet and workout plan. Do not ignore to carry First Aid Kit for pets. Avoid stomach perturbed to pack pet's daily food and bottled water during the transit.

#4. You can also order pet associate on a moving day to avoid them exposing from pressure.


Packing your plants by support of top 5 packers and movers Mumbai -

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