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Movers and packers Mumbai for household pack and move -

All the participant packers movers mumbai are verified with their documents such as Registration certificate, service tax etc.

Movers and packers Mumbai for household pack and move

TOP 5 movers and packers Mumbai says packing the electronics is not an easy task. Every electronic has a different shape and size and utility and thus has to be packed accordingly. Movers and packers Mumbai recommend, one must take all the necessary precautions while packing the electronics.

Like for example if you have to pack your fridge you have to start early. The packing is dependent upon the weather. For instance, if it is too hot or if you plan to move in summers you can start packing your fridge a day before the actual move and in case it is rainy season or winters then you must start it at least three days in advance if not more.

Packing the fridge with the advice of TOP 5 movers and packers Mumbai

TOP 5 movers and packers Mumbai suggest, While packing the fridge one must start with the sorting out of the food items that are lying inside the fridge. All the perishable items need to be used or discarded in case they cannot live thru the weather. The bottled food like jam, ketchup, honey etc can be stored until the fridge is packed at the new location. One must also empty the freezer and discard the items that will not survive during the move.

TOP 5 movers and packers Mumbai - Packing and moving your Refrigerator

Only Top movers and packers Mumbai suggest, Once the fridge has been emptied, you must unplug the same and remove all the shelves from the fridge. The same should be washed thoroughly and left out for drying. As regards the fridge, you need to use some soapy water or dry cloth (as instructed in your fridge manual) and clean it out thoroughly.

Movers and packers Mumbai suggest, make sure that no food particle is left inside the fridge as the same can damage the interiors of the refrigerator. Once the fridge has been thoroughly cleaned, it needs to be left out for drying.

Make sure you use a dry cloth to wipe off the interiors of the fridge and there is not a drop of water left inside. Water can lead to moisture which will result in fungus and hence will spoil your refrigerator.

TOP 5 movers and packers Mumbai suggest, after the fridge has dried off completely you need to start packing the same. You can start by placing the shelves back to their place or stack them one on top of the other at the lowest portion of your fridge. Make sure you tape them so that there is no movement leading to any kind of breakage during the move.

Professional movers and packers Mumbai suggest for packing fridge

Professional movers and packers Mumbai suggest, you can also stack your cushions or a few bed sheets or blanket inside the fridge. As regards the doors, you can place the empty jars or water bottles inside the doors.

This is will also cut down on your packing material required to pack the bottles or cushions, bed sheets or blankets. Make sure that the fridge is completely dry. After placing the items inside the fridge you must lock it up and tape the keys to the outside of the door of the fridge. These ways there are fewer chances of losing the same.

Movers and packers Mumbai suggest, Once the fridge has been locked, it is time to pack the same. For packing the fridge you would require the original packing. In case you do not have the original packing, you can buy a roll of the carton from the market.

Roll this carton over the fridge covering the corners and the whole of the body of the fridge. After the same has been wrapped, make sure you cover the fridge in a roll of the plastic sheet. This will avoid any kind of superficial damage to the same while in transit. These all extraordinary suggestions are giving by experts of only top movers and packers Mumbai.

Professional movers packers in Mumbai

There are many packers & movers are working in Mumbai. But some of them are not truthful. That is why before hiring a company you need to verify on your behalf. Here is a list of some best and reliable moving companies:

1. Kuber Logistics Packers and Movers
2. Aakash Worldwide Packers and Movers
3. Movement Logistics Packers and Movers
4. Globe Relocation Services
5. Leo Speed Packers and Movers

These above companies provide professional service. They are expert in every job of relocation. They pack and move each item correctly. To know more about packers and movers, you can log on to Here is a list of services for that you can hire TOP 5 movers:

1. Loading and unloading
2. House and office shifting
3. Vehicle (car and bike) transportation
4. Storage and warehousing
5. Plant and pets moving etc.

TOP 5 packers movers are not only verified companies but also selected from Mumbai. So if you are moving within Mumbai or outside Mumbai, you can hire any one of them. The primary purpose of those companies is to provide safe and affordable service. So that everybody can hire them without wasting much time and money.


Movers and packers Mumbai for household pack and move -

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