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Know Packers and movers Mumbai charges and rates from Mumbai

All the participant packers movers mumbai are verified with their documents such as Registration certificate, service tax etc.

The Charges, things you need to know

The Internet revolution has begun in India. The Internet is now within reach of every Indian. It is one of the simplest ways to find out exact piece of information. Yes, you're reading this article on the Internet only. Relocation Industry has also profited from this revolution.

But still, we don't have exactly what a relocation cost? We don't practice household relocations frequently.

Local Cost Estimate within Mumbai

Don't have a moving rate tariff?

- well, this industry doesn't serve it! We don't have any specific platform for relocation charges.

There is no tariff card for Relocation. Every move has some specific requirements. The survey conducted before every relocation quote.

Here we are sharing simplest local move charges for you. These charges are calculated on packing, transportation, and staff used for the entire process.

Rates up to 12 km

  • Charges for 1 BHK starts from ₹ 4,000

  • Charges for 2 BHK starts from ₹ 5,500

  • Charges for 3 BHK starts from ₹ 6,500

  • Charges for 4 BHK starts from ₹ 8,000

Cost of house shiftings like the villa or similar would be custom. If your villa has 3 rooms, a storeroom, living area, and a kitchen, you can expect prices for Big 4 BHK would be ₹ 10,000.

Rates beyond 12 km

  • Charges for 1 BHK starts from ₹ 5,000

  • Charges for 2 BHK starts from ₹ 6,500

  • Charges for 3 BHK starts from ₹ 7,500

  • Charges for 4 BHK starts from ₹ 9,000

If you are moving to Navi Mumbai or Thane, the transportation charges would be increasing.

Mumbai to another Destination

Discussing the destination, numerous locations you can move to. Mumbai is one of the major cities in India. People often relocate to Mumbai.


1 BHK (Sharing)

2 BHK (Sharing)

3 BHK (Dedicated)

4 BHK (Dedicated)

Distance in KM

Mumbai to Ahmedabad

₹ 7,770

₹ 11,865

₹ 19,950

₹ 23,310


Mumbai to Bangalore

₹ 9,450

₹ 13,965

₹ 24,150

₹ 27,510


Mumbai to Chandigarh

₹ 11,550

₹ 16,590

₹ 29,400

₹ 32,760


Mumbai to Chennai

₹ 10,710

₹ 15,540

₹ 27,300

₹ 30,660


Mumbai to Delhi

₹ 10,710

₹ 15,540

₹ 27,300

₹ 30,660


Mumbai to Hyderabad

₹ 8,610

₹ 12,915

₹ 22,050

₹ 25,410


Mumbai to Kolkata

₹ 10,830

₹ 15,690

₹ 27,600

₹ 30,960


Mumbai to Nagpur

₹ 8,610

₹ 12,915

₹ 22,050

₹ 25,410


Mumbai to Navi Mumbai

₹ 6,090

₹ 9,765

₹ 15,750

₹ 19,110


Mumbai to Noida

₹ 10,710

₹ 15,540

₹ 27,300

₹ 30,660


Mumbai to Pune

₹ 6,930

₹ 10,815

₹ 17,850

₹ 21,210


Mumbai to Vizag

₹ 10,710

₹ 15,540

₹ 27,300

₹ 30,660


Size of Consignment: Making yourself comfortable with the size of your home. Well, that matters the most. You have to move entire households. So, it has the following criteria.

  • 1 BHK or few household items

  • 2 BHK both standard and big size apartment. It also includes 1.5 BHK.

  • 3 BHK or apartment of 2.5 BHK falls in this criteria.

  • 4 BHK both standard and big size apartment.

If you have entire Villa or House with x number of rooms, we urge you to get a survey done. This will be the only way.

Destination: We are sharing an important piece of information about the shipment. Transportation generates 30% of profit to Packers and movers companies. We all know that mileage matters the most. Distance is one of the important key factors for goods transportation.

Do you know about any of it? Well, it's a no.

Local moving isn't a mess. The household can be relocated easily. You can even split the quote.

  • Small Pickup is used for 1 BHK or a few household shifting gives a mileage of 14 km.

  • 2 BHK household shifting we use Tata 407. This moving truck has a mileage of 7 km per liter. If you're shipping only 14 km, the transportation for the move would be only ₹ 140.

3 BHK and 4 BHK move are shipped in only 14 to 17 feet trucks. That cost ₹ 50 per km. If you're moving to 400 km, that would cost ₹ 50 x 400 km = ₹ 20,000 for Transportation. Taxes like entry fee and tolls are added to the invoice.

Moving from Mumbai to Ahmedabad is 531 km in distance. Shifting Price for 3 BHK household from Mumbai to Ahmedabad is shared below.

Packing ₹ 5,500 (for standard house packing)

Manpower ₹ 3,500 (involving 5 person @ ₹ 700 per person costing)

Transportation ₹ 10,000 (14 Feet Truck dedicated)

Total = 5,500 + 3,500 + 10,000 = ₹ 19,000

Nett Payable = ₹ 19,950

Brand: If you want to move happier, go with renowned packers and movers only. Agarwal Packers and Movers has been the first choice of people these days. They are very much experienced and use own fleet for transportation. Established as a Limited company by shares, Agarwals are one of the leaders in the Indian Relocation Industry.

Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.

Office Address: D-605, 4th Floor, Vashi Plaza, Sector- 17, Vashi, New Mumbai 400703

Contact No: +919860015001

Alas, We forgot to mention insurance and taxes here. You have to pay GST. Billing Invoice for your move should have GST.

Want to move by yourself? Here are 3 Golden Rules.

Moving on your own is a good idea. We are sharing 3 golden rules or hack for DIY moving.

Rule 1: Packaging the consignment

The first rule of any moving is goods safety. Packaging is the only thing you need to be done professionally. You can start room wise packing. Label the boxes. For fragile items, hire special boxes, you don't need to buy them. Bubble wrapping can also be used for packaging. Numerous videos are available on Youtube to pack like a pro.

Articles of clothing should be packed carefully. Use appropriate size boxes or suitcase regards packing clothes. Use net for packing plants. Use large corrugated boxes for big plants. Ensure there are some holes in boxes used for plants.

The average cost of packing material


1 BHK (Sharing)

2 BHK (Sharing)

3 BHK (Dedicated)

4 BHK (Dedicated)

Avg. Costing

₹ 2,000

₹ 3,500

₹ 5,500

₹ 8,000

Rule 2: Make everything organized

The second rule is to keep records. Labeling everything would be perfect. Make also a written record of packed items. I also recommend you to download Moving Checklist Application on mobile. Find it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Rule 3: Transport it like a pro

You would require different moving trucks according to your home size. If shifting locally, following moving trucks would be hired.

Household size

Moving Truck

Average cost

1 BHK or few items

Tata Ace or similar small pickup

₹ 36 per km

2 BHK - standard or big

Tata 407 or similar 10 feet truck

₹ 55 per km

3 BHK - standard or big

Covered 14 feet container

₹ 70 per km

4 BHK - standard or big

Covered 17 feet container

₹ 70 per km

Above costing is an average cost. The cost charged to you is from Garage to Garage. Make sure you have hired overall pack instead of per km charges. You can use Google Maps for distance calculation. Here are some hacks for transportation.

Step 1: Find the distance from your Origin to Destination you're moving from Google Maps.

Step 2: Calculate charges according to the above-shared table. You have to calculate to and from charges from Origin as you're not assuring return freight to Company.

Step 3: Calculate the entire cost and get a fix deal amount. Else it would cost approx 20% additional.

Get the charges for truck rental at Mumbai is home to many transport companies too. Mumbai is vast. If you're from South Bombay, hire transport companies from Chinchbunder, Mumbai.

Along with that central Mumbai or living in Navi Mumbai, Vashi would be the best choice to hire any transporter. People in Navi Mumbai can also hire companies from Thane. People in Bhayander and Malad can search for Transport Companies in Borivali.

Approximations about charges of movers and packers in Mumbai

Lack of information in home moving may cost a lot! Not only time but also resources can be waste at the same time. Choosing from companies like Agarwal Packers and Movers or other would be a good idea.

We are sharing an approximate idea for rate list of packing and moving in Mumbai This article will help you to find out moving charges. There are some factors like moving 1 BHK or a single Car to another city. You don't have to know about the Truck charge for per km or what a Box cost, we shared an approx cost of move here.

Below chart for moving estimate is a lending hand for a soothing move is our motto. We wish this rate list would help you in deciding relocation budget.

1 BHK Household Items2 BHK Household Items3 BHK Household Items4 BHK Household ItemsBike MovingCar Moving
Local Shifting Up to 4 Km₹ 5000 - Rs 7000₹ 7000 - Rs 9000₹ 9000 - Rs 11000₹ 11000 - Rs 13000N/AN/A
Local Shifting beyond 4 Kms₹ 5500 - Rs 7500₹ 7500 - Rs 9500₹ 10000 - Rs 12000₹ 12000 - Rs 14000N/AN/A
From Mumbai to Ahmedabad₹ 10000 - Rs 12000₹ 16000 - Rs 20000₹ 22000 - Rs 27000₹ 28000 - Rs 35000₹ 5000 - Rs 7000₹ 8000 - Rs 9000
From Mumbai to Bangalore₹ 14000 - Rs 17000₹ 24000 - Rs 29000₹ 33000 - Rs 41000₹ 43000 - Rs 53000₹ 5000 - Rs 7000₹ 8000 - Rs 9000
From Mumbai to Chandigarh₹ 19000 - Rs 24000₹ 35000 - Rs 42000₹ 50000 - Rs 61000₹ 65000 - Rs 80000₹ 7000 - Rs 9000₹ 15000 - Rs 18000
From Mumbai to Chennai₹ 17000 - Rs 20000₹ 29000 - Rs 36000₹ 42000 - Rs 51000₹ 55000 - Rs 67000₹ 5000 - Rs 7000₹ 11000 - Rs 14000
From Mumbai to Delhi₹ 17000 - Rs 21000₹ 31000 - Rs 37000₹ 44000 - Rs 54000₹ 57000 - Rs 70000₹ 5000 - Rs 7000₹ 11000 - Rs 14000
From Mumbai to Hyderabad₹ 12000 - Rs 14000₹ 19000 - Rs 23000₹ 27000 - Rs 33000₹ 34000 - Rs 42000₹ 5000 - Rs 7000₹ 8000 - Rs 9000
From Mumbai to Kolkata₹ 23000 - Rs 27000₹ 41000 - Rs 50000₹ 60000 - Rs 73000₹ 78000 - Rs 95000₹ 7000 - Rs 9000₹ 18000 - Rs 22000
From Mumbai to Nagpur₹ 12000 - Rs 15000₹ 21000 - Rs 25000₹ 29000 - Rs 36000₹ 38000 - Rs 46000₹ 5000 - Rs 7000₹ 8000 - Rs 9000
From Mumbai to Navi Mumbai₹ 6000 - Rs 7000₹ 8000 - Rs 9000₹ 9000 - Rs 11000₹ 11000 - Rs 14000N/A - Rs N/AN/A - Rs N/A
From Mumbai to Noida₹ 17000 - Rs 21000₹ 31000 - Rs 38000₹ 44000 - Rs 54000₹ 58000 - Rs 70000₹ 5000 - Rs 7000₹ 11000 - Rs 14000
From Mumbai to Pune₹ 8000 - Rs 10000₹ 11000 - Rs 14000₹ 13000 - Rs 16000₹ 16000 - Rs 20000₹ 4000 - Rs 4000₹ 4000 - Rs 5000
From Mumbai to Vizag₹ 17000 - Rs 20000₹ 30000 - Rs 36000₹ 42000 - Rs 52000₹ 55000 - Rs 67000₹ 5000 - Rs 7000₹ 11000 - Rs 14000

True Factors about Packers and Movers Mumbai Charges

Everyone tries to hire proficient removal company at reliable cost but they also want excellent services from them. Actually, movers and packers in Mumbai charges depend on the basis of moving, means if you are moving outside the city then charges will be higher as compared to local moving.

National moving is little costly than local moving because in the national moving company have to travel the long distance and it consumes time also.

Commonly individual can’t able to select good packers and movers due to high charges of movers and packers in Mumbai.
Several packing moving agencies demand high rates and relocation of common people become difficult. Therefore, it is very important that you have to select removal at reliable cost.

Domestic Moving

It is known as local moving, means in this process you have to transport your goods within the same city (under the boundaries of the city). Local moving requires fewer services as compare to national moving. Therefore, in this moving packers and movers in Mumbai rates is not costly.

National Moving

National moving, in this relocation, you have to move from one city to another city. This moving requires more services and transportation is costly because you have to transfer your goods at a long distance. So, it is the little bit pricey than local.

Always Compare Movers and Packers Mumbai Rates

Gather the names of proficient removals: Collect all the names reputed movers after it compares them on the basis of Charges. Afterward, you can mark those movers, who offer good services and their fine value also.

When you are going to prefer packing moving company, you must ask about the services as well as charges of movers and packers in Mumbai. You should fix the appointment with removal when you are free, Sunday is the best day for that purpose. Remember, if the organization offer top class services then they demand money but with the help of queries, you can select them at reliable cost.

You must ask the reason of charges. Suppose, if the company want extra charges, then you must ask the reason!

Are you moving in the border of India? If you are moving then, you must select the local packing moving company. They provide excellent services within the city at the realistic charge and you will get multiple advantages also and give preference to best-rated packers and movers in Mumbai.

Your requirement is best stuffing material; you should take all the benefits of their services. Take all the advantages; if the company is pricy then you must demand more and more services like, your all process should be done in a short period of time, you want every comprehensive service, you require insurance on your items etc.

What about movers and packers charges from Mumbai to Pune?

Pune is becoming a respective destination due to industries and to the purpose of living. Packing and moving business increasing year to year and everyone needs this kind of services to manage the whole shifting accordingly and without of damage at any cost.

The professionals give insurance on transported goods and take the whole authority to be reached at the informed destination. They will assist you right about the right charges of packers movers Mumbai to Pune. The cost of moving will be accordingly such as if you move Mumbai to Delhi.

Ask for help

There would surely be others that you know who've moved house. Ask them to help you decide whom to choose. Go with them and make your relocation happy. There is one destination that can help you greatly in the quick search of packers and movers Bangalore to Mumbai charges which are TOP 5 packers and movers Mumbai.



Know Packers and movers Mumbai charges and rates from Mumbai -

Know charges, cost and rate list of packers and movers in Mumbai - From Mumbai to Delhi, Mumbai to Pune, Mumbai to Bangalore, Mumbai to Nagpur and Other cities of India.

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