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Packers and movers in Hyderabad by packing tips and tricks

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Packers and movers in Hyderabad by packing tips and tricks

Relocating is one of the most exciting ventures in one life. It is all about moving to a new place, making new friends etc. However, moving itself is one of the most tiresome and expensive task. Tiresome because it involves a lot of packing, and expensive because it involves a lot of money! Well here are a few tips and tricks provided by the professional packers and movers in Hyderabad, which if followed properly will help you have a safe, smooth and less expensive relocation.

How to avoid tiresome move:

Well the first and foremost tip to avoid getting tired during the packing is to organise yourself for the move. By organising we mean that you plan out each and every step of the move. Say for example you have 20 days before the actual move. Spend the first two days taking a stock of all the items present in the house and prepare a proper list of every article that you have in the house. After you have made a list, sit down and mark out the items that you will be carrying with you and the one that will be discarded by you. The next day can be utilised in arranging the ways and means which will be used to discard the items, like in case you want to put up a garage sale or you want to give them out in charity etc. You give take two odd days to de-clutter the house. Now you will be left with 16 days i.e. nearly two weeks, which can be utilised by giving a day or two to each room (if you plan to pack room wise) or particular kind of article (if you plan to go article wise). The most important tip is to stick to the plan and work out a way that you are left with just the major article like your refrigerator, a few clothes, basic kitchen articles etc for packing for the final day. The packers and movers in Hyderabad, always suggest that if you stick to the basic plan, you are bound to have a smooth and less tiresome relocation.

How to avoid an expensive relocation:

This is the trickiest question. No doubt you will have to shell out a certain amount for the loading and transportation of the goods. However, you can cut down on your cost when it comes to packing material. You can always approach your local grocery store or the liquor store for empty cartons. Make sure that you pick up only those cartons which are in mint condition and look sturdy. You can save a lot by going in for second hand but good quality packing material. The only items that would require some money is the bubble wraps, cling film, tapes etc. Rest of the items can be picked up from the local stores or the recycle vendors.

A little bit of planning and quick thinking will help you have a trouble free and less expensive relocation.


Packers and movers in Hyderabad by packing tips and tricks -

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