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Hire Cheap yet Best Packers and Movers in Gurgaon and Save Money

All the participant packers movers in gurgaon are verified with their documents such as Registration certificate, service tax etc.

Hire Cheapest Packers and Movers in Gurgaon and Save Money


Moving is not a cheap exercise anyone can do. In India, we typically move. But respecting the time and health, people used to hire the professionals for their job. Just like daily chores is managed by a housemaid, moving is handled by the relocation companies.

You would definitely not like to pay the price on the higher end. We, TOP 5 is sharing the valuable tips for you to get the best movers and packers gurgaon services at cheaper prices. It's not about hiring the local movers and packers but about the smart savings. If you don't want to lift a single box, you have to pay additional. But if you're willing to save some money, follow the below tips and exercise.

We have covered it extensively and sharing in two simple questions.

Where can I save money in a relocation?

How to find the best house shifting mover?

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Where can I save money in a relocation?


Being smart is not enough, you have to use the resources smartly! Here are some of the tips according to the savings you can make. Below shared tips can save up to 20% of the moving cost.

Packaging Materials

cheapest packers and movers gurgaon

If you can pack all the small stuff in a box, do it. Saving space in boxes can also make you save money on packaging materials. The moving boxes cost starts from Rs 110. If you have used only 5 boxes instead of 7, you can save Rs 220! This might be a small amount of saving. 5 boxes are required for 1 BHK House. If you're moving 3 BHK House, you can save Rs 660 on boxes only! Cost of the bubble wrap, plastic wraps, and other packaging materials is also saved.

It is also possible that you could carry some of the households with you. This will not only save on packaging cost, but also the moving cost would be less. If you could use blankets and get the boxes from grocery stores, can also save a lot. Instead of bubble wraps, you can also use the old newspapers. Used newspaper available at the cost of Rs 10 per kg.


It can stink a lot! Ensure that you have consumed before the move. It's always better to save on groceries.

Amount of Goods

You should reduce the size of the shipment. Make a list or pack goods which you do not need. Classify the goods according to charity and sale. Clothes should be given to the needful people. But goods like furniture and useless gadgets should be sold.

This could make you some money. This money can vary from Rs 100 to a Rs 10000 or so. It all depends on the goods you don't need anymore!


Every customer does follow this part. Negotiations are the vital part of any deal. So, you must do the bargain but keep in mind that you should not be compromising with the quality. No one can provide the better services at cheaper cost. In order to do the same, get the detailed moving quote. This quote should have the services and the packers and movers gurgaon charges in it. You can compromise where you can do the best.

The quality of packaging materials would not be compromised. So, talk to that about the best they can do. Do not exceed the negotiation part to the extent! Like if you are getting the quote of a local move at Rs 8000, the best would be Rs 7000. But if the move cost you Rs. 20000, get the deal done in Rs 18000 (All inclusive). Well, you should also know about the approximate movers packers rates of the moving of your house size.

Get the reimbursement

Just like travel expenses, many organization also provide the reimbursement on relocation. Companies do have a relocation package. You may contact the Finance Department of the company regards the best relocation reimbursement package.

If the company is only paying for the transportation charges, you should follow this. Hire only IBA Transporter for the relocation. These transportation companies are approved by Indian Bankers Association. You can also check the list of IBA Approved transporters in Gurgaon. To visit the Official IBA Website - click here.

How to Find the Cheap yet Best Packers and Movers in Gurgaon?


Normally, we don't give charge of our house to anyone. But during the move, you're hiring the unknown person, responsible for all your household goods. It's not just the cargo shipment it's your home goods. Ensure that you're hiring the genuine company for your household goods. Here are some of the tips shared with you for the cheap yet best movers & packers in Gurgaon.

Check Background

Check the company's background. You can also check the company's past disputes on Consumer Forum's website. If the company is well known, you can find the complaints against them. If you aren't able to find the one, the company is clear. One can also let know the other companies about the name. If all companies are giving the same response, they mean it.

Get Reference

If you have done well, you will be referred. The quality you have must be known to others. It's the same rule applied to the moving companies. You can check their reviews on Facebook Local is also a good platform to check reviews nowadays. The profile of a reviewer can also be checked.

Apart from that Google Local offers the widest range of business, you can now search packer and mover near me on Google. Every business on Google Local is address verified by a postal verification. The reviewers on this platform also have ranks, ratings on Google Local Page is much verified.

Note: We recommend you to check the reference of your friend first. Friend, family or colleague have moved recently can help you a lot. They have a moving experience and the company too. Reach them first.


Hiring a company from a verified source would be the best idea. You can check for the list of verified packers and movers in Gurgaon. But if you want to hire the moving company on your own, here are some tips. You should first verify the company's registration. If the company is registered, check the GSTIN Number. Along with that visit the address of the company on the registered address. If everything is fine, then you can hire the company.

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