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Packing Kids bedroom without help of movers and packers Delhi

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Packing your bedroom without packers and movers Delhi

Packing and moving involve a lot of planning. And it is more difficult without packers and movers Delhi. It is always sensible to pack room wise. This will not only help you to avoid confusions about your shifting. But will also save you from the unnecessary tension of piled up work. This article will help you pack your bedroom in a sensible and easier manner.

How to pack and clean the bedroom to move

  • Collect things: To pack everything you need boxes, bubble wraps tape and scissors, marker etc. So that items and things can pack properly.
  • Pack small items: Pack small items which you have on the top side of the bed. Like books, papers, and whatever you have there.
  • Roll up rugs and posters: Roll up all your posters and rugs. If you have those in your bedroom. Keep them into the tube poster so that your posters cannot be tear and crash during the moving.
  • Wash dirty clothes: Before 4-5 days of moving, wash all the dirty clothes. Like bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains and other clothes if you have in your bedroom. So that you feel happy after reaching your new home.
  • Manage your Cloths: Find your dresses from every place from almirah, hangers, and from the bed. And keep them in your suitcases or bags. It will be easy to move with you.
  • Pack costly dresses in the wardrobe box: If you have costly and high-quality dresses on which you do not want to wrinkle while moving. Do not pack those in boxes. Instead of packing you can hang them in the wardrobe box.
  • Take out furniture from your room: It is time for moving, so pack your furniture proper and load them into the truck. So that goods can be saved from scratches. While packing the bedroom try to sort out the things first. Segregate the clothes that you would be requiring immediately and during the packing. The rest should be packed in a carton.

Try to put some naphthalene balls in the clothes; this will keep the moths away. Next, make a carton for bedding. This carton should include all the bed sheets, pillow covers. And bedcovers, dining sheets, napkins, blankets, drapes etc.

Make sure you keep the curtain rings with the drapes so that you can locate them while unpacking. Always keep the drapes at the top as it would be the first thing you would need to put up in your new house.

Then comes the mattress. The mattress should wrap up in carton Rolland then covered in a plastic sheet. And avoid any kind if seepage into the same. Once the wardrobe, bedding, and mattress have sorted. Tackle the dressers and the drawers.

Place the same on an open surface and separate the items that need to pack. And the ones that are to discard or donate. After isolating them pack them carefully one by one and place them in the carton.

Though packing the drawer is the most time-consuming thing. But one needs to give special attention to the same. This was about if you manage packing your bedroom without packers & movers Delhi.

Packing Kids bedroom without the help of movers and packers Delhi

Packing kids bedroom, though is a very tedious thing, it can be made fun by involving the kids. Ask the kids to help you empty their wardrobe. Talk to them about each things packing. This way you will come to know about their likes and dislikes in the wardrobe.

You will also come to know about the clothes that do not fit them anymore. Such items can keep separate. Convince your child to donate the same to some needy. These ways you will not only de-clutter their wardrobe but will also help some needy by donating the same.

Ask the kids to separate the toys. The stuffed toys should keep in one carton (you can rather use the stuffed toys to pack your glassware. These ways you will not only pack the toys but the glassware also at the same time).

Pack the other toys like remote controlled cars, activity toys etc separate. Make sure you take out the battery from each musical toy before you pack. The study table should pack separate.

The books should pack in such a manner that they can be unpacked immediately upon arrival. Make sure you empty the study table drawers. The ink bottles should be wrapped in a plastic sheet about avoid leakage.

Involving kids will not only help you make your job easy but will also give a sense of independence to the child! This was all about if you manage packing Kids bedroom without the help of movers and packers in Delhi.


Packing your bedroom without packers and movers Delhi -

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