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Relocating your plants with the help of packers and movers Delhi

Few packers and movers Delhi offer the service of plant relocation

Meet requirements of plant moving given by packers movers Delhi

With the advancement of technology, many new changes have taken place in our society. These changes force us to move from one location to another. And at the time from one country to another.

Though, moving within the country is always considered to more than moving abroad. Still, there are many facilities available now a day’s which will force you to rethink what is easy and what is not.

Taking the example of plants:

Some people want to move their plants with them and some people want to leave them because of stress. This is only in case the person moving within the country. But, when it comes to abroad, the person always thinks of disposing of them rather than carrying.

This is so because according to many of us plants cannot move abroad. But, this is not true. There are a few packers and movers in Delhi which offer the service of plant relocation. Such movers in Delhi companies will ask you to complete a few requirements like:

  • Getting your plants inspected for any kind of parasite etc.
  • Checking the survivability of the plant in the new country and also during transit.
  • Get the paperwork sorted out with the international or the said countries standards.
  • Also, check if the plant is an exotic plant or is a jungle plant etc.

Essential tips for plant relocation that best moving companies take care

Choose Plants: You must take knowledge about the sand in your new city or place. So that your efforts will be not wasted to moving the pots and plants. You can also confirm with the department of agriculture. You allow moving those plants in that city or not.

Preparation to move the plants: As, moving pet and plants are little critical. So you are not able to do this task yourself. Thus, take help from experts in Delhi. Moving and packing companies are offering the best facilities for moving your plants.

Packers and movers in Delhi will keep your plants in plastic pots before moving. So that your pots will not break and other items will not be dirty while moving. They will also suggest you the best options to keep your plants healthy after reaching your new home.

If your plants have dead and dry leaves. they will remove them and clean your pots before loading them into the truck. These are steps, with the packers and movers make your plants moving so simple.

If you are not able to move some plants, may they are too long or big. You can take some cuttings of them. So that you can sprout those cuttings in the sand.

Next step of plant relocation by packers and movers in Delhi

Plants transportation by professional packers and movers in Delhi

Once you meet up with the said requirements. The movers in Delhi will either send in a professional or ask you to transfer your plants to a plastic pot. As the ceramic one can break during transportation.

More so, they will ask you to prune your plants. This can solve dual purpose i.e. for the relocating company it will be easier to transport a pruned plant. As it will take up less space and for you, a pruned plant will have a better quality bush as compared to an un-pruned plant.

Further to this, the relocating company will ask you to water normally to keep the same hydrated. You must make sure that you do not over water the plants. As the soil can become too wet resulting in the roots losing the grip and further leading to the death of the plant.

Once loaded the packers and movers in Delhi sends an escort or if the plant is being transported by ship. They instruct the personnel’s to water the plant normally whilst in transit. So that the plant is not dehydrated.

Also, such packers movers in Delhi take utmost care in packing and loading the plants. They cover bigger leafy plants by the bed sheet. So that the leaves do not rub against any other plant causing any damage and also do not break whilst in transit.

Further to this, the movers in Delhi also maintain the perfect temperature. And the environment required for the survival of the plant.

Thus, thanks to the sudden change in the technology. One does not have to dispose of his/ her plants while making a move abroad. All one needs to do is hire the best packers and movers Delhi and move your plants.


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