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Relocating your pet overseas with the help of movers and packers Delhi

In most the cases when a person is migrating abroad, the one member of the family that lefts behind is the pet. People are generally not aware that the pet can also travel overseas with you.

Though the pet needs to clear a few medical examinations. (That are quite related to our medical examinations). And also get a few vaccinations (like for example we do for meningitis if we are moving to the United Kingdom) etc.

In case you do not plan to do the relocation on your own, you can check with a local movers and packers company. That will help you in relocating your pet overseas. Such moving companies would need you to meet up with certain guidelines:

like vaccinations, requisite health checkups, registration documents of the pet. A brief detail about the pedigree of the pet, nature etc. Including the habits, feeding habits etc of the pet.

Support by movers and packers while pet moving

A few of the movers and packers that provide pet relocation

Interem, Emerald Relocations, Pioneer, Agarwal movers, Leo and Gati packers, Trans World etc.

Such companies would need you to fulfill certain criteria before they ship/ move your pet. Your pet would need to undergo a medical examination. There in the vet would ask to give a detailed record of the health condition of the pet.

1. Take care of the comfort of your pet:

Professional Movers & Packers always take care of your pet while moving. They have a comforting environment in their vehicle. So that your pet can feel happy and like a home in it. They have essential things and food for your pet so that they can feed your pet from time to time.

2. Collect info about your new location:

Before your moving, you must collect information about your new home. You can manage everything in your new house but the pet is unable to make a comfort. So check the area your pet can live there or not.

3. Get your pet checked by a vet:

Do not move your pet if it is unwell. You must bring your pet to the vet so that it can check by the vet and it can get well soon. Ask to vet if the pet is feeling discomfort.

Thus, if you are going to move your pet, packers, and movers are best option to move your pet safe along with you. Hire a nearest pet relocation company. That offers you the best service at affordable rates.

If you want you can ask 3-4 companies to get the quotation so that you can compare the rates.

The process to complete before moving your pet

  • The vet would ask to mention if the pet is suffering from any kind of disease. For example Asthma. The pet should not be suffering from the same in case you plan to move the pet to a high altitude country or location.
  • The moving company would also need you to produce a list of the vaccinations. That has administered to the pet and the ones that need to administer at a later date.
  • The movers and packers in Delhi company will also ask you to produce any document. Duly stamped and signed by the vet stating the exact quantity and the method. In which the sedative is administered to the pet if any.
  • The document should also state the amount of time. That the pet will be drowsy and what would be the expected nature of the pet whilst in sedative is administered.
  • One has to make sure that all the medical checkup that is on the list for the pet have to performed by the authorized vet. The one who has authorized by the said country’s medical council to perform such tests.
  • Only the medical examination and certificate signed by the authorized medical representative. It will be permissible by the authorities of the said foreign country.
  • The movers and packers company will also make you aware of the fact. That the pet can reject at the border of the new country. In case the pet or the supporting documents are not found to be the country’s requirements.

Finally, once the pet meets up with all the requirements. The movers and packers company will transport the same using the specified cage. And the requested mode of transportation.

We TOP 5 movers and packers offer all the needed information to all the customers. Pet moving is not so simple so we offer ideas to make this task simpler. Read other articles on pet moving and pet overseas moving.


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