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    Fundraising Ideas and Activities for NGO

    NGOs are the known government organization. that don’t have any connection with the government or government bodies. They do all the activities on their own and also raise the fund required for these activities. For the fund raising, Public donations are one of the most important parts. Once they get mobilised the NGOs have the ability to work for the social cause. This is all necessary to achieve the social transformation and growth. But nowadays people have a busy lifestyle that makes them difficult for them to give back to society. People don’t find themselves with the time. the opportunity, or the inclination to give back to society. Thus, one should not only donate for the NGOs but also support fund raising. Here are some of the crucial ideas that will help the fundraising activity.

    Online fundraising

    The Internet can be one of the best places for the fund raising in the modern world. It is the easiest place for the people to access. Also, you can get a great attention through the internet. For starting this fundraising program. talk about the initiative with your friends and Family. Let them know about the problems and social issues, also the actions that need to be taken. This can stand like a step for this contribution like cash or other resources. By using social media you can expand this message to another level. This is because on the internet a people can find hundreds of people with the same thought of mind. This massive goal can be reached using the social media platform. There are many online assets you can use. Either it is facebook or twitter for spread the message, or also you can use the youtube to upload the short videos. You can also create a local website to spread awareness. Crowding website can be crucial. Because this can raise small and incremental donation. You can use these donations that can help for funding a school or hospital.

    Create groups

    Another thing you can do for the fund raising is by creating the group. You can Invest your free time on forming the groups. These groups should of people with a similar-minded thought. You might think it is a tough job, but it is not. It is very much easy to find the society hearted people. And it is more effective to form a group  when it is organised for fundraising. Also, you can form these groups for outreach or grassroots support. And when you are doing some beneficial work for the society it is more effective. This will allow you to tap into inspiration, idea and dedication of the activity. As most of these people would have come from all phase of life they won’t hesitate to donate.  there would be more people donating for calamities or another major transformation program. If you want to take a sustained fundraising initiative. then it is the most important step you should take. And once these groups are created they can help in another manner too. Over the time, these groups will allow you to create the workshop and other programs.

    Sell Products

    You might think that how can selling products be used. As part of NGO are concerned they are the Non-profit organisation. So this step can be the crucial method to raise the funds for the society. There are many NGOs in India that organise the special handicraft program. This is a step that helps the community get empowered.  these communities get an income generating source. that give them respectable income to live their life. These products can be sold to everyone. Either it the donor or the public, it can be sold to raise funds. The products that can be sold are mostly the handicraft.  It includes Candle, floral arrangements, and other products.  You can use these products at the public events.  You can market them as per your Choice. It can either be on social media, through word-of-mouth or via door-to-door selling. The best thing about these hand made products is that they are affordable to common people. Also, they are more unique and attractive than the product made on large scale by machines.


    There are some responsibilities you need to take. as you are the organizer of the fund raising programs. You need to showcase the people the changes that are going to happen from the donation. the people with the booklet, videos and another literature thing to show, make a good impact on the donor. You can invite the donors at the place where funds are utilized. One more thing you need to take care for the donor. You should immediately provide the valid receipt and other documentation. so the donor can get a tax rebate from the donation. Also, thank them for their gesture and willingness to help. As they are investing their hard earned money for the welfare of the society.


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