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    Issues Faced by Children in India

    Children are the future of the country. especially for a developing country like India. But, still, there is some harsh condition faced by Indian Child throughout the world.  There are many problems they face by the society. Either it from the mistake of the parent or also the lack of proactive support system.  All these circumstances and the social problem. rob children of the opportunities of future. These problems should be explained to society openly. And should be made aware of these problems. By doing the members of the society would be encouraged to get away from the problem. For doing this they can support an NGO or charity. This will India to fight against the problems faced by a child in India.


    In the current year, India ranks in the top 30 countries. suffering from the malnutrition percentage. It ranked behind the Haiti and Bangladesh and some other country. The problem is very bad in some of the states in India. IT is so bad that most of the child is stunted in the biggest state of India, that Uttar Pradesh. India ranked in the nutrition in the African country like Sudan. Although India has spent billions on the nutrition programs in the last couple of decade. This problem is increased because People preferring food with carbohydrates. Also, the vegetarians don’t prefer the egg and meat. By all this, the problem is increased more in India.


    People might think that the height of a child in India is average, but it is not like that. The children in India are having Stunted growth. This is caused because of severe malnutrition. This nutrition was crucial in the early time of the childhood of these children. There was a health survey in India revealed, that more than 61 million kids are suffering from stunted growth. This research also revealed that other 53 million kids are underweight. It is not that the only reason for the stunted growth is starvation, there are many other reasons. These reasons can be due to carbohydrate rich preferred other than of protein rich diet. Also, the other problems can be poor maternal health during the pregnancy time. Also, this problem can be caused by not having the proper sanitation in the surrounding. This issue can be solved by the stand alone effect. This issue is a marker for many development issues.

    Child labour

    Child Labour is one of the biggest problem and hurdle in the development of a country like India. There are many social reform activities that occur in Country. But, still, there is an issue of child labour in cities and villages. These children are caught between the poverty prism of India. By this, these kids have removed far away from the education system. They don’t get the facilities that are the basic needs of the child. By this, even further they get caught in Child labour. There are also the kids that are forced by the parents to work. This is because to support their family financially. For the children that are homeless and abundant, it is the only survival method. These children need to work to have the food and shelter. In India, there are more than 10 million children working in the intensive field.

    Forced begging

    Forced begging, it is one of that problem that causes children trafficking. This is because it is a multi million rupees industry. It is one of the biggest black markets of the Country. There are more than 3 lakh kids, that are hampered by this industry. The people in the industry try any means to force the children to beg. They even use the worst things on the child to force them. They use drug addiction that causes the mental and physical effects on the child. Sometimes they even use sexual abuse violence to force them to beg. According to the national survey, there are over 40,000 kids that are abducted every year. The trafficking group target children and regularly hunt them. All this causing the increase in the forced begging. 


    By all these things you might think that it is a huge problem that India is facing. And the rehabilitation of child in India is at a great risk. But the truth is that for fighting this civil society plays a crucial role. They have become a powerful agent to change them. There are many NGOs that are doing campaigns against child problem. Also, They are making a swift intervention for most emergency situations. By doing this, they have given a new hope to fight against these problems. And if you think that you should do something about these issues support NGO. There are many NGOs in India that ensure to support every child. These NGOs support child irrespective of their background. By doing this they work at grass root level to fight against these problems.


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