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    NGO and Rural Development

    Contribution in Rural Development

    India is a developing country and has a wide area to Improve and develop. It includes the economic development, child education and awareness of its citizen. These tasks are so big and complicated that a government body can't do all those tasks smoothly. And government can't get the plans to fix all these problems. This is where NGOs perform a crucial role in all this welfare of society. Owing to all such needs there are more than 25,000 to 30,000 active NGOs in India.

    Coming to the point of rural development. It seems to be a lot easier task than it actually is. It is a development that requires a lot of manpower and also a designed plan to help in the rural development. Since Independence, there are many different rural development plans took place. The rural development includes some steps for poverty, employment, and improved infrastructure.

    Panchayat in the rural area strengthens the democracy at the ground level of India. Although the initiative from the government, poverty still exist in the rural areas. The population in the rural area has to fight with the problems with daily needs. The fight is for the basic needs either it is sanitation problem or lack of education. The basic rural development should consider employment, water supply and basic human needs.

    NGOs are more efficient that government organisation while working for the rural development. NGOs are more flexible for working and can specify the field of work they target. Also, they committed towards their work with the volunteer work support. And some of NGOs collaborate with the government organisations are more efficient. As the area of working is massive for the rural development, many NGOs plays a vital role in doing the work.

    Since the ancient time, the NGOs has worked in India. From Mahatma Gandhi, dissolved National Congress Party and formed it Lok Seva Singh. Although his proposal rejected, many of the Gandhiji's followers started volunteer agencies. This phase of time was the early phase of NGOs in India. And the role of NGOs in India is growing every five years. This has got a good Impacts in the rural development.

    Nowadays NGOs are more planner and Implementer that any of the time. They now make the rural area more mobilise and connected to the cities. The Infrastructure is now in the growing stage. They are trying to improve the medical services in the rural area. NGOs now help in building a sustainable society. They also act as a mediator between the rural population and the government. They collabo with the government that help reach the government to the rural area. Also, They are now working on women empowerment. This helps them provide the employment to the housewives. The education in the rural area is also at a developing stage the school. NGOs are actually the facilities of the education, professionalism and socialism.

    Hurdles that an NGOs Face

    NGOs In India have many problems to face. The very first problem an NGO faces are that it is completely dependent on the financial support it gets. Either the support is from the government funding or the private donation. They are completely dependent on the instructions of the external donor. Also, most of the work of NGO is fund dependent. This dependency makes an NGOs work less flexible. And most of the NGOs become a more command listing Organisation. This overall leads their work efficiency to go down.

    Other than the financial problem, there are many other problems that an NGO needs to face. The general tendency of rural population is they don't want to changes daily life. This is all because of their traditional thinking and lack of awareness. The Villages have a lack of Infrastructure facilities. Basic needs like water and electricity has slow progress rate of Rural Areas. There are many other problems, an NGO faces is interference by people who don't want progress.

    Despite the problems, NGOs has kept progressing. And will keep working for the development of the rural area in India. NGOs selectively select the rural talent and train them to empower the society. But progress of an NGO depends on the awareness of People. The active participation of the rural population will help a lot in achievements.


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