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    What is an NGO?

    The NGO has famous in the field of International development in a recent couple of decades. But actually, the NGO has a vast range of the groups that are further divided into the sub-branches. The wider use of the word NGO is for any non-profitable organization. NGO is independent for the state, central or International governmental organization. Most of the NGO’s work on the charities or Charitable donations. While another only run with the help of Volunteer involved in the NGO.

    NGO’s are the diverse group that carries most different activities in different part of the world. The donations to the NGO’s are mostly a part of Charitable, while some are a part of tax exemptions. Although in the past couple of decades NGO’s has been more professionalized. The main principles of the selflessness and volunteerism for NGO has always the key.

    Many different types of bodies are now described as the being an NGO. NGO is the independent organization and is not controlled by any government. Hear few more things that we need to consider for an NGO and will exclude some of the bodies that so call NGO.

    1. NGO should not establish as a Political Party.
    2. It should be a non-profiting Organisation
    3. It should not be a Criminal Group, particularly it should be a Non-Violent Group.

    These boundaries are sometimes demolished. Like some of the NGO’s may be closely identified as the political parties. While some have a firm connection with the political leaders and parties. And many of the NGO’s make money from the Commercial activities, sales of their publications etc. Also, you can find many NGO’s that involved in the Violent activities and Political protest in the State. Anyways! These are not at all the NGO’s they are so called NGO’s. The NGO is an organization that would never have any connection with a political party. It is Non-Profit Generating Organization. Also, it should not get involved in any violent activities. Thus, NGO is an association that operated by independent volunteers for common purposes.

    Types of NGO and their workings

    The types of NGOs we can understand are on the basis of the Orientation and level of how they operate. The NGOs can be distinguished in many ways. Depending on the activities they do. The most common are Operational NGOS and Campaigning NGOs.

    Operational NGO

    Operational NGO has the organized resource and has run on those sources. The Source might be charity activities, donation or a Voluntary work. The donation either might be in form of financial form or can also be the material. This process always demands a complex organization to work in an efficient way. Also, the student in their holidays provides some voluntary labor work for the projects. Finance obtained from the project to the organization can be used for operations. Thus, Operational NGO needs an efficient headquarters. The operational staff to for the field work. This makes it a complex organization.

    NGO Legal Aid campaign

    NGO Legal Aid campaign is also known as Advocacy NGO. The functioning is like an Operational NGO. But, with the different balance between the elements. Fundraising is still necessary but on a small scale. It can be mandatory to reveal the use of money raised by the donor. This impacts and results in encouraging the people to donate more. Also getting together and voluntary the work for a brief period of time is necessary. The External donors can demand the administration to inform the working. But the regular working donors get entire information on the regular basis from the administration. Thus it has the same kind of work structure as that of the Operational NGO but in a different way.

    From the above information, it is clear that both of them might be different types of NGO. But, both the operational and campaign NGO have to do some things in common. They need to get engaged in fundraising, Organizing some special functions. And should have a working headquarter to handle and guide all the work of the NGO. Actually the difference in not that sharp as the title suggests. Most of the time you can see Operating NGO moving to campaign one. Once the organized project faces the similar problem every time and doesn't get the response.


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