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    Role of NGOs in Sustainable Development

    NGOs have till now played an irrefutable role. in the promotion of the sustainable development. This is done throughout the world for many years. They worked on the international level. Where these organizations push forward for the sustainable project. And also for the project that is for the needs of the people. This in terms helps them in National negotiation. They aim to reduce the use of a hazardous chemical. These chemical impact nature and cause pollution. These NGOs aim to free the world from this slavery.

    Now we are going to discuss the work of NGO in sustainable development. These organisations mainly work in the area that is not well connected. They focus on the area another form the government and intergovernmental process. One of a good example of sustainable development is adopting processes. This process focuses on not degrade the life of people. after a long time, This also looks for the sector of the economy after a long runtime. Another example is of Coal and Green Energy. The whole world sees the coal as the only resource of energy. The world has focused the use of coal. But, at that time NGOs starts pushing for green energy. This is because green energy is sustainable. Coal is a non-renewable source of energy. But Green energy is not like coal. it is sustainable and does not harm the environment.

    Unsustainable development is preferred by most of the government. Although they are unsustainable and expensive. But, Otherside with the sustainable development the economy of a country can grow. Also, it won’t harm the environment. There is a huge problem for a country if it uses high coal as the form of energy. If the country has high GDP rate with the rate of pollution because of coal, It a problem. NGOs for this act at the root level. They encourage the people to use sustainable energy for the household works. Use of biogas, solar energy and wind energy are most preferred to use because they are sustainable.

    By encouraging the use of sustainable energy, they also try to save the environment. They discourage the use of firewood and charcoal in the cooking process. This helps them to save the trees and the environment. This concludes that they are protective towards the environment of the harm. And also making the people live life prosperously. Also making the effective growth of the economy of the country. That too without affecting the environment and lives of people with pollution. For making these steps effective NGOs in general work with the government. They make sure that the policies are sustainable for everyone in the country.  This is all done by the survey and actions that are taken by an NGO.

    The other step NGO take of sustainable development is proper training. NGO train and empower people with the professional skills. They on a common basis practice this at the school collage and other training institutes. NGOs focus on empowering people with skill and knowledge. They invest in the students, not only for a secure job for them. But it also helps them to have an economic support. This helps the country to have a strong economy in future. If a country has a high level of illiteracy, it can’t be claimed as the developed country. For solving this issue there should be education affordable for the society. For making this possible NGOs work with the government. This is because the government doesn’t know the root problem for that and NGOs work on the root problem.  it might be possible. that government doesn't have that capacity to serve the people efficiently. Here NGOs play the important role. THey help the government to serve effectively to the people in all aspects of the economy.

    NGOs also look out at the companies. they make them responsible about their role in sustainable development. Also, tell them to treat their employee with humane. Because of this pressure from NGOs, there are many companies have put measure. Now the leading companies worldwide have taken measures to prevent the environmental pollution. Because of these pressure, companies need to submit their emission report. Also, check that whether they comply the international standard. Because of this employee now have started getting fair treatment. They also fight for the rights of workers. By doing this the environment of the working is improved. This makes the employees more motivated and healthy. This directly impacts the production rate and helps the economy of a country to grow


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