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    Some Famous old age Home NGOs

    The lifestyle of the modern society is changing dramatically. The cities are no longer safe nor have the friendly neighbourhood. The joint family system of India is now fading. The cost of living and the returns on the saving of the seniors have almost put the seniors on the road. Elders have now started walking out of their own house in the search for peace and joy of life. A celebration of life can only be experienced with the people finding the same goal. Old age home is an option that has provided these holders to live happy in their second phase of life. This old age homework for the elders to make them self-dependent. They also generate income for their requirements. Below are some of the famous old age homes throughout the country. Working for the betterment of elders life.

    Helpage India

    HelpAge India is a non-profit organisation in India. This NGO was is working in India from the year 1978. It is India’s biggest charity platform helping for the disadvantaged elders.  It has now become the representative voice of Indian Elders. It is dedicated to improving the status of India senior citizen. It is now effectively in working in 23 states for the elders. They are providing elders medical support, poverty alleviation. Along with other income generating scheme in urban and rural India. They are working in pressure group and have the main focus on elder rights. They are having continuous fights against poverty and neglect of the elders. In rural India, they are concentrating on long-term programs to encourage Elders. The programs like forming Elders Self Helf Groups. This helps to restore dignity and economic independence in the poor elder community.

    Agewell Foundation

    Agewell Foundation is Non-profit NGO working for the welfare of elders from the year 1999. This foundation works in 2 stages primary and secondary. It is successfully running in over 640 districts in India. Agewell attempts to initiate more extensive studies on the Older Persons. So issues, rights of the older persons identified. They spread financial literacy among older persons. And make them enable making appropriate decisions in their personal finances. These financial literacy programs are for the welfare of older persons. Agewell Foundation has also initiated several initiatives to take care of elder's health. They advocate for the needs and right of the senior citizen. This foundation is a helping hand towards senior citizen at the required time.

    Age Ventures India

    Age Ventures India is a non-profit trust. This trust established in the year 2008. Mr Amal Ganguli who is also the president of Agewell Foundation. Trust has the solo mission to provide the support services to middle-class elderly people's. This Organisation has a knowledge sharing agreement with HelpAge India. This NGO is trying to make changes in the social pattern. The world has now growing needs and this the reason why it has led to a disintegration of the Joint family in India. This was once a bedrock of India. This NGO has the mission to improve the quality of life for older people. They strive for excellence in everything they do. They treat the elderly people with dignity. They have the facility managements that look for the Healthcare, well-being of elders.

    Sevashram Old Age Home

    Sevashram is a non-profit, NGO its headquarter is located in Hyderabad. The main motto of this organisation is to help and take care of the older persons. This old age home started with the group of friends, having an idea for serving elders. And in the year 1991, the Sev ashram started its working. And it is successfully working for more than a couple of years. Now Sevashram has one of the best infrastructure and comforts for the elders. The working of this NGO is in Hyderabad and near territories. This Old age home helps the senior citizen, irrespective of their caste and creed. NGO performs awareness for their food, clothing and shelter to Elders. They take care of the medicine and have a daily routine of Yoga and Other physical exercises for the Elders. They promote the self-confidence and spirit of self-dependency. This helps the elder to learn new skills and achieve excellence in the field of activities.

    The conclusion, Many young people in India migrate to different cities or abroad. This is all in search of the betterment of their life. Either it is education or career. This leaves their old aged parents behind at home. This is the reason why the number of abandoned parents is increasing day by day. And NGO has taken this great initiative to make the end phase of elders life happy. This Initiative has made a good change in the society, with the betterment of the Elders.


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