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    Role of NGOs in Agriculture Development

    The Main work for which NGOs are known is in supporting people. They play a very important role in lives of people. They also help in supporting the economic development of a country in different ways. One of the areas in the economic sector is Agriculture. Agricultural sectors receive a good amount of support from the NGOs. Through this support, people in the rural area get employment.  Also, the lifestyle of them improves. The economic growth of the country also gets a support and helping hand. Here is some thing that will help you understand the of NGO in Agricultural development. The major negative effect on the agriculture is due to the man-made issues.  These issues can be violent conflicts, including civil and military. They have affected a large amount of agriculture throughout the world. Poor agricultural research capacity is also the other problem. This problem results in market inefficiencies. And also this causes the collapse of extension services to the public. This all on a large scale affects the input of the agricultural needs. This in result impacts and reduces the production of agriculture.

    Because of all these issues, the life of them become a conflict of the aftermath of the production. This is because these people need to recollect their broken pieces of life. And form this they need to start a new journey in life. If there is no such re-establishment people need to completely rely on aid. This can create further more problem. As their food of the population would be at higher risk. And this causes the high food prices in the market. These are the major issues that an NGOs look for and try to solve these problems. Also, there are individuals or organizations that intend to donate for these problems. Most of these donors consider NGOs to help the needy. This is because they have established themselves within a short period of time. They are accountable, flexible, and work for the objective in handling their mandate.

    For the agricultural development, NGOs may consider working with the government. This is to make the essential help for the farmers. But their agricultural relief programs need to have a keen sight on it. Also, need to do the proofreading and editing the recovery of the project. This is very much essential for the public extension system. As they do these works efficiently. After the devastating experience. the stage of transition is the usually the first step. This step is towards the recovery root, rehabilitation and reconstruction. But, there is always a fiction between NGO and the public recovery extension system. This is only because of the lack of the strategy implement or the absence of strategy.

    Some case where the state government have different priorities at the conflict area. These priorities can be for reconstruction agenda after the post conflict environment. These scenarios ,governments take concerned only for their own preservation. The State government wants a political and administrative stability. This all led the government to make their mutually beneficial system. We may also witness the exchange of goods and services for political support. And these system does not help the changes and the action. While the one in the government power offers the opportunities for the selected ones.

    But the NGOs runs their own such groups. Groups like the Church group or village organization. These NGOs may also have the large group of none profit organisations. And this is why NGOs have a vital impact on the Agricultural development. Sometimes their mandates make them limit for the host country. NGOs can also be restricted for the certain area to work, this is because of the law of the state. Some of the NGO has a mandate of empowering the agricultural sector and works so. Some other NGOs end up restoring democracy and advocating for the rights of the minority.

    It is the most common phenomenon where NGOs have an impact. They here have a direct touch with the lives of the resident. And try to help them out improving their lives. Thus, it is necessary for an NGO to clarify what are the spoiler effects in the post conflict environment. They need to have a proper comparison. between the extension system and the environment. This is a good approach. It is because the NGOs have the potential of transforming lives. They can transform the lives of the people through the agricultural extension services. They also help the rural dwellers to improve their life and standard of living.


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