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    Role of NGOs in Protecting Human Rights

    Human right is a term that relates to. “Rights relating to life, liberty, equality, and dignity of individuals. This is guaranteed by the Constitution and also encouraged in international covenants. And enforceable by the courts in India. For the Human rights, there are many action and propaganda that are taken around the globe. The government and the many other bodies take a vital action to stop the Human rights abuse.

    There are Many organizations around the world. that are dedicated towards their only goal. The only goal is the efforts to protecting human rights and ending human rights abuses. In the recent past years, India has witnessed a large number of Increase in the count of NGOs. Most of the states are the protectors of the Human rights in India. But sill NGOs play an important role in the promotion of the human rights.

    NGOs also take part in the public opinion mobilization, this can be for any given course. Here, they work and carry the deep investigation for the case. They provide the details report of the case about the Human rights abuse. Most of the time, they take a favour of the victim, who has been denied his rights in a different way. Sometimes, They also provide the direct support to the victim. This helps the victim to normalize his life. Lobbying is important for NGOs. This is because NGOs they have the mandates that do not let them work independently. NGOs take help of governments or politicians.  Or also the international financial institutions and the media. This all help is taken to serve people efficiently. If an NGO has more partners, they expand their mandate. This is through the increased work activities. Nowadays, many NGOs have started taking training programs. These programs have an aim at respecting the rule of Law. Also, helps them respond with humanitarian in the case of disaster.

    NGOs have influenced the human rights practices of many states around the world. And has created the global awareness about people’s human rights. But what this NGOs do for the human right awareness is still a question of doubt. And this does remain an excellent debatable issue. It is important to point to note that NGOs can cause problems in some human rights cases. This is especially when the Human right abuse is in the culture of the Country.  NGOs take various action for achieving their specific agenda. These steps depend on the nature of the issue at hand. And also the willingness of the government in participating the issue. All these steps are seeking for the justice of the victim of Human rights abuse.

    Many NGOs have a different way to reach their audience, they have targeted. This makes them cover their services at a wider scope. For an example, some the large organisation, have their international website. It connects them to the rest of the world. And this is a crucial point of contact in this digital age. Also, they store a lot of information on such websites. They carry documentation of human rights violations in various parts. And also the protocols for corrective measures that one should take. Also providing the information about all the levels. This also Includes the government and grassroots stage of the action.

    The only way an NGO can succeed is by the support of the people. And also actions and words of the human rights violations in question. If you see an effective NGO, this is because it has the agenda that is popular for the mass support. There is also the case when NGOs organise the program. They teach people and make them aware of the human rights.

    also, inform them how the government or state officers misuses their power. And affect the rights of the minority.

    When the topic is of Human rights, NGOs work in a different manner. To achieve their goal NGOs need to pressurise the government. Also, most of the times, stand against the government. These actions are only when the government limits the human rights. Considering the issue world wide there are many NGOs, that have an impact on it. They have played a crucial role in moulding the society, for the people.

    NGO’s have played and will play a vital role in the promotion and protection of human right. This term especially goes for the developing countries like India. The largest part of the count of NGOs is dedicated towards this issue. They carry different activities,  for the welfare of human being. From all these steps, it also includes Human rights as one of their motive


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