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    Different Types of Structures Among NGOs

    The are various structures of NGO. The structure can be global hierarchies. That means they have a strong central authority and work capacity all around the globe. Or there are many other NGOs that may be based in a single country. Which they operate in a traditional manner. They work on the improvement in communications. And also work on more local-based groups. These groups are referred as the grassroots organizations or community-based organizations. These groups are more socially active and work on the national level. They on a large scale collaborate with each other to work more efficiently. There is also a structure of NGOs called international umbrella NGOs. They provide an institutional structure for different NGOs. These NGOs do not share the common identity or the motive. There are many other such kinds of structures of NGOs.

    The Classic model of NGO is a membership organization. That work on a geographically defined work pattern. There are individuals working in a local group, and coordinating with the district. They have a headquarter in the capital city, this headquarter works for the whole country. These NGOs working throughout the nation are known as the National NGOs. Also, some of these NGOs are working on an International level. They collaborate with International NGOs and starts working through many countries. They have their selective region in which they work in different countries.

    There's a lot of things that you can say about this type of NGO structure. But it also has benefits and is interesting to consider. Although these are not practical or scalable for larger organizations when we think about the future of work. Much Smaller and some medium size companies would be able to operate in this type of an environment. But for the organization with thousands of employee working, it becomes more challenging.

    Also, there are some other NGOs who work on a large scale through the country. But, these NGOs are least attracted towards the international platform. Not even the NGO’s own members and founders. They have them all focus is for a particular country and their problem. National NGOs do get engage in transnational developments and Humanity rights. As a global scale, many other communities are now known as the NGOs. It can be the Grass root Organizations. Also can be the Community based organizations. And the Civil society organization, these organizations all are known as the NGOs. Grass-root and the community-based organization clearly represents the local level work. But, the Civil society based Organization works on any level for a particular country.

    The NGOs forms a heterogeneous group. They have a long list of an organization working in different areas. They have different scope and area of work. There is are many alternative terms used in define NGO. Some of the famous terms that are used for NGO are defined below.

    BINGO - it is a short form that is used for Business-friendly International NGO.

    CITS -  This NGO works dedicatedly work towards, helping in the Scientific community.  They motivate the young talent towards the Research and development.

    CSO - It is a short form for Civil society organization. It has the manifest or motto for the good will of the citizen.

    DONGO - It refers as the Donor organization NGO.

    ENGO - It is the environmental NGO. This is working for the protection and the awareness of the environment.

    GONGO -  It is not actually an NGO but is referred as NGO. It is known as Government Operated NGO.

    INGO - It is referred for the International NGOs.

    QUANGO - These are the international NGO that works on Autonomous manner. It is referred as Quasi - Autonomous NGO. The good example of this organization is ISO. That is International Organization for standardization.

    CHARDS - This is the NGOs that work in the rural area. They are known as Community Health and Rural Development Society. They are further divided into two parts

    Operational NGO

    The main purpose of this NGO is to work in the design and implement the development related project.  This NGOs can be local, National. International or even community-based.

    Advocacy NGO

    The Advocacy NGO has a specific motive. To promote the awareness among the rural undeveloped area. It makes a various effort in the rural area to spread awareness. Also, this organizations are known to be the voice of rural area. They act like the bridge between the government and the rural area.


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