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    Roles of NGO in Society

    What is an NGO

    The NGO by name is a Non-government organisation, but it doesn’t mean that it is against the government. But, the goal is the same as that of government. It has the similar development agenda as that of government have. Independence doesn’t mean that they are not monitored or regulated. In fact, to register an NGO, you have to register under the society registration Acts Under the Trust Act. They need to have a board, executive committee and all the working system and process. All the money that an NGO receives is to be spent according to  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). And also by the proposal that is received by the funding agency need to follow by the NGOs. Expenses are then accounted, audited by the professionals. With the help of all these documents, an NGO runs on a Non-Profit basis.

    Some Activities performed by NGO

    NGO is now an important part of the society. They perform a wide range of services that aim for the well-being of Human society. These organisation works regular development and leads a positive charge in the society. NGOs may have some different work culture, activities or policies. But all the NGOs committed to a goal depending on the demand of the society. Also, they perform certain Activities and policies that help them achieve their Goal.

    The basic role of any NGO is to contribute to the development of the Nation. The region of development can be education, health, finance, human rights and much more. It completely depends on the NGO to choose the field they want to work on. Among this wide range of goals played by NGO, the following are some of them that are important.

    • Development of Infrastructure
    • Facilitating  or Simplifying the Communication     
    • Advocacy for Poor, with the Poor

    Development of Infrastructure

    In India, the scope of development is not a narrow bridge. India has many things in which the development can be done on a large scale. Development of Infrastructure is one of those. There are many NGOs that can help in developing the Infrastructure of a society. From acquiring and developing the land to maintain the public toilets. These NGOs can develop building materials supply centre for the one needed. Also, Development of infrastructure is a key role in the development of the rural area. This can play a role of the game changer in the development of the rural society. In this case, NGO may need help for the government societies of some other higher-level NGOs.

    Hurdles that occur during this development are common. Major problem NGOs face is Financial. They need to completely depend on the government funds or external donations. This makes an NGO less flexible. Moreover, the structure of the NGO has nowadays become more bureaucratic in nature. This Nature of NGO has decreased the effectiveness of their work system.

    Facilitating Communication

    NGOs use the social methods of communication and study the work point. This method leads them to gain the trust of the community they work for. They may have some good idea that would enhance the function of the community. NGOs play an important role in making new policy coordinating with the government. NGOs acts like a bridge between the government and the community. They deliver the commands and instructions of government to the community. And also put up the requirements and demands of the community to the government. In fact, NGOs have a unique position that helps them share information on the parallel ground. This information shared with organisations that work on the similar work structure.

    Advocacy for Poor, with the Poor

    NGOs that work for the Financial Backward People. They encourage the population to ask for more clarity with the works when done. NGOs became the platform for poor people. It attempts to influence the government policies on behalf of poor people. NGOs can remedy to under provision by coordinating their action. Such actions lead to the threat to the local authorities for providing clarifications. Thus NGOs advocates from the poor to the representative of the government. From the agitator to the coordinator and the advertiser. From the sponsors of pilot projects to the mediator.

    Apart from these things, there are many another section where NGO plays a key role. They There are many problems an NGO suffers. It might be a cultural difference. Conflicts between the different groups like interference or the lack of motivation. Apart from all the hurdles that an NGO faces they keep on working on the well-being of the society. And they play a key role in the rural development of India.


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