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    NGOs helping India Grow

    India is a growing Nation, is one of the fastest developing country in the world. The nation has made its economy strong by building infrastructure. Also, industrialization and socio-economic development are the other key parts of the growth. Socio economic development needs active participation by the civil society. But most of the time there are gaps between the schemes and the social requirements. Also, there are various schemes that have the gaps. At this place, NGOs plays a key role in filling this gap in these various schemes. NGOs go right between the community and get to the root of the problem. NGOs can ensure every poor of the country to get the benefits of the growth. Also, they make sure the poor get access to education and employment. They also provide them with the essential services required. By doing all this they make sure that the benefit of such scheme is to the grass root level. NGO contribute in several ways for the development and the growth of the country. Here are some of these methods explained.

    Sustainable Development

    Sustainable development is a most important pillar for a developing country like India. Because this development decides the future development of the country. NGO are constantly campaigning for the sustainable development. They do research with the help of their own expertise. Then, they provide all this data to the government or government bodies. Encouraging them for these developments. Also, take programs in the local area. This is to empower these communities to move towards sustainable living form. This is an idea to help the communities of the present day grow and advance. But all this to be done without affecting the environment. That is they don’t want to close the opportunities of next generation for development. When you donate the NGOs working for this phase of the community it helps them. They get empowered and take out the cause of the most marginalised sectors of India. They start working for the civil society. The Civil society then organises the camps and programs for the sustainable development. They also pressurise the governments and large scale corporates to work with sustainability.

    Poverty Alleviation

    India has got a huge economic growth in the last couple of decades. There has been a tremendous economic growth in the past period of time. But there are still some problems that need to be looked at. India has a count of  260 million people in poverty. These lives need to face issues like access to clean water. With other problems like sanitation, housing and quality education. Other than this they face the issues of healthcare and nutrition. Poverty is one of the biggest problems to fight for the country and for this NGOs plays a handy role. Nowadays NGOs run many awareness and development programs. All these programs have a motto to end the factor that encourages poverty. Along with these campaigns, they work on the in-ground level. They empower rural communities to develop income generating activities. Also for a micro level create Self Help group. that encourages the income generating activities. By doing this they improve their standard of living. And try to keep away the poverty.

    Children Empowerment

    The future growth of the country depends on the youth and the young children of the country. They are the future of the country. Children that are grown happy and prosperous become mature and responsible. They in future go and become the qualified adults of tomorrow. By becoming this they can contribute in building a nation with prosperity. But there are many Children in India that faces the livelihood issues. For this NGOs runs the projects on a pan-India level and also on the root level. These NGOs have a motive to provide the poorest of a kid with all the needs. They provide them with the quality education and healthy lives. By doing this they try to make this kid compete in the fast growing world.

    These NGO work at a grassroots level in slums and in the tribal areas. Also, they do a good amount of work in remote villages for the child empowerment. Also, they go to the most marginalised area of the country to promote the child empowerment. It is important that the society gives the child the correct knowledge. If They are acknowledged with their rights. This helps them fulfil their childhood. Also, this will go a long way for the future development of the country.


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