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    Role of NGO in prevention of Child Labor in India

    Awareness is always a key for achieving success in any social activity. Parental Awareness can play an important role in stopping the Child labour. This can prevent discontinuation of the school and force for the labour work. There is a lack of understanding between the parents causing child trafficking. Also, many of this child and to become child labour. If the community is aware they can tackle the children issues more efficiently. Awareness in the communities. ensures that there is a growth in the education, job and livelihood of the society. This creates the developed society, where children don’t need to suffer much. For spreading this awareness NGOs arrange events, sports and arts programs. These all programs lead to the make the community know about the children rights. NGOs also work to create income sources for the backwards communities. encouraging the children to get their rights.

    India has a great significance in the International Market. This is because of the labour power India has. And this power makes the position of India important in the International Incorporation. But after working against the child labour from the last couple of decades the problem is yet to solve. The practice of child labour still continues in India. There is over 80 lakh victim suffering from Child labour, of the age group 05 to 14 Years. These children are working in the fields, factories or shop or any other places.

    Indian Goverment have now demonstrated the fight for the child rights. Also, this thing is much supported by the corporation that is socially conscious. Also, the citizens who donate to charity support for the child rights. And it is great to see that the number of socially conscious people is increasing. By this, the Child rights are now known by every people in the country. Here is some thing that we can use the child labour.

    NGOs have expertise in their field, so they research and showcase the thing that needs to be implemented. For the driving of the policy, you need to take care of many stakeholders. Either it is media, society, community, or other sections of the civil society. There are new laws for the protection of Children. such as Sexual Offences Act and Immoral Traffic Act. These laws have helped in the decrease of the child trafficking. Also, NGOs work with the governing bodies for this issue. They coordinate with the state and central bodies. for taking action and forming effective laws for the children rights.

    NGOs offer the immediate aid for the child labour victims. Also, they work for the changes in the policy so that the changes can be for a long time. Also, these NGOs ensures that the policies are followed and are in action.  These NGOs have till now rescued thousands of Child labour victim. They also provide them with the all the necessary help and basic child rights. They also arrange the funds for the children that don’t have the financial support for the family. There are many NGOs that work with the government. Either it is state or National they work with them to prevent the child exploitation.  these NGOs are more active in the states of Bihar, Assam, Punjab, Delhi J&K. This is because these are the states where child exploitation is high.

    Indian businessman uses the child labour which gives the open approval for doing it. Child labour is used in many industries for the labour work. These industries can be retail, hospitality or any other minimal work. This businessman should be stopped from using children for the labour work. Nowadays NGOs have started taking action for ending this evil act.  They are now the sensitise trade organisations who are now running for the end of this social evil act. They educate and communicate with the locality about the child labour. They also report for the act of child labour at offices and houses of the businessman. These Organisations are the reason, India’s biggest IT company is now child labour free.


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