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    Role of NGOs in Development

    NGOs have a good amount of role in bringing about the social change and the development. This can be experienced from different parts of the country. Development is a multi- faceted process. In which the aggressive participation of the people is required. This aggressive participation of people can’t be possible unless the proper guidance. For that guidance, people need to be educated,  awakened and motivated. For that NGOs are doing this job at a successful rate and with sporting spirit.

    NGOs have a deep belief in the tasks such as mobilizing and conscientization of the masses. This can be for the specific target groups. These groups can be the women, children, agricultural labourers, construction workers. And also they can be the social castaways like widows, devadasis or under the trial prisoners. They have a deep belief and on the sincere node. educate the people and make them prepare for their ongoing struggles.  They have a deep belief in social awakening.  The social awakening includes the legal literacy and also the confidence building.

    The areas that have Active and appreciative role of NGOs

    Promote Education

    There are many  NGOs that are active to promote education. This is particularly among that section or the area that has remained un-benefited. These areas are away from the benefit measures that are adopted by the government. The education in the rural area is one of that area. Also, the other area is education of girls and other deprived people.  They are particularly more focused for the people in SCs and STs. They target them as their main objective.

    Women Empowerment

    Women are the most vulnerable section of society. Gender discrimination has divided the cultural reality. Girls are discriminated in the family by birth. The number of girls that are unnourished is very much high.  Girls retention in the school is drastically low as compared to boys. In India, women are forced to stay as housewives. And if they want to work outside the house for the economic empowerment, then they are denied. And statically only 1/4th of the work done by women is monetised and rest all in unmonetized. This is why it is an area of concern for a developing country.  And thus NGOs are looking for the improvement in this section. They are targeting this society on an active node.

    Women role in Economic development

    In the current 21st century, the role of women is changing. women are now taking active partici­pation in political, social and economic activities.  This has gained a lot of acceleration in the last quarter of the current century. More women have started coming out of the four wall of their house. And now they are involving themselves in the social sphere of work outside their homes. Important in this complete process, there is a remarkable role of NGOs. the role of the women voluntary organization towards this cause is worth appreciating. There are many thousands of NGOs working for the this. They are creating the awareness among the peoples and also interventions if required.

    Environmental Pollution

    There is a uniform approach for development throughout the world. This is at least for the technology.  the magnitude of production, the pattern of consumptions and also the increase of the wealth. But there are some side effects of this. Nature and our environment are getting disturbed because of these cause. Both state and people were unaware of the problem to nature that is caused by the devel­opment.

    There is a threat to the human life that is developed by the environmental pollution. There is an imbalance caused by Nature. The depletion of natural resources is a consequence of the natural development. This is an area of concern for the human population. Here, the role of NGOs can be noted and the work needs to be praise.  Thousands of organizations that work for the awareness for the environment. Also, they awake the governments against environ­mental degradation and depletion of resources.

    Human Resettlement

    The development is the world causes many issues. There is a big issue of the environment unbalance. the other problem is many people are displaced due to developmental projects. Also, they are not the rehabilitated in a proper way. They are not even compensated properly. For this issues NGOs have a major role to play, Also they are performing the job in this direction to improve this. The development projects. like the construction of dams, road highways and railways. are the program that causes most of this issues. These issues are particularly caused in rural areas. And these people are displaced without being properly compensated.


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