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    Limitations of NGOs in India

    NGOs are the Non-profit organisations that work for the welfare of the society. They are not the organisation that works for the business agenda. Neither they have any kind of influence of the government. They work like a parallel government. They work in the area where the government is ineffective to work. Also, in other words, you can say, they try to fill the gaps created by the government. They work with the volunteer help. People on their self-decision work for the things they can do to the society. NGOs in India have a great increase in the number from the time of the last couple of decades. They now have a great impact on the society. They are now the ‘Game Changer’ of the development of the country. But there are many problems NGOs need to face. This problem can be either caused by the people. Also sometimes the problem is caused due to NGO itself. Here are some of those problems explained.

    Lack of financial Resources

    Many NGOs in India are facing this problem. That is the lack of funds for the activities they do. The government doesn’t give the hundred percent grant for the aid. Most of the time government makes the delay in sanction of the grants for many programs. At such conditions, NGOs only depend on the external financial sources. They get dependent on the public contribution. Also from the sponsorship by the business corporates make them financial dependence. Also now a day’s people don’t have a heart or mind towards the charity. In the ancient time, people used to do the charity but the contribution is decreased.

    Lack of Dedicated Leadership

    The quality and condition of the service of an NGO depend on the leader and its leadership quality. If there is a dedicated leadership quality than the NGO with more efficiency. But unfortunately, after the post independence era, it is not working so. NGOs have faced a crisis of leadership. The leaders working with the spirit of devotion and dedication to enter politics. They were there to find and establish their place in the assembly and parliament. This all leads to create a gap between the NGO and dedicated leadership.

    Misuse of Funds

    NGO itself defines as the non-profit organisations. Also, the organisation working for the people. But it is the matter of fact that there are some loopholes and unscrupulous elements in the policies. This has made the fortunes of NGOs for their personal gains.  Also, they manage the grants from the government.  there is some serious charge of misuse and mismanagement of the funds received. These funds were received as a grant in aid from the government or foreign donor. They use this fund their self-use other than of the social work. These NGOs cause a reflect of Image on the NGOs that are working with dedication and commitment. This has caused people lose their confidence from NGOs.

    Lack of trained staff

    Earlier NGO was served by the unpaid staff or social workers. This is because they had the spirit for the well being of society. They have the commitment and were interested in social service. But this doesn’t work in the present days. NGOs nowadays don’t get the well-trained staff. Because, as per the new trends the professionally educated person works only in the urban area. Also, they are not interested in working in the rural area. This is why it is very difficult to get a trained person who is willing to work in the rural area.

    Lack of Public Participation

    This is another big problem NGOs need to face. NGOs are meant to work for the citizens. They work the people, let them know their rights and increase the quality of life. But in the current world, people do not cooperate with the NGOs. This is because of their method and manner in which they function. Also, there are some other factors that are responsible for the lack of participation. It can be the absence of an adequate number of dedicated person. The programs that are more focused on time and target. Easy availability of the funds, without the planning and assessment of the needs. Causing the misuse of the funds other than the oriented plan. Political interference in the work and vested interest of the bodies. This all causes the distrust of the agencies. This is one of the major reason for the lack of public participation.


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