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    Role of NGOs in Promoting Education

    The common pillar for every country for its growth is Education. There are many benefits of the education from the view of a country. It takes the literacy level high of the country. Also, this helps enhance the human resources and livelihood. As there is a lot of needs for an NGO, most of the time government have a meeting with the NGOs. This process is done to make the work and duties sustainable. Also by doing this, they bring up all the stakeholders in the society together.

    NGOs work in many sectors of the society. Among these sectors, NGOs are taking the responsibility for the promotion of Education. As most of the NGOs are run by the professional and skilled person. They all can make a deep impact on empowering the education. There are some of the cases NGOs make a good impact on an indirect manner. They have built the colleges for the teachers and other working persons in the school. This is a complement for the government. Because in the developing country like India. there is major a shortage of teaching community. These training programs help the government. for the cost cutting of the training expenses. They won’t need to spend money on the infrastructure and the facilities. to train the teachers and the other staff. And the government can use this budget for the improvement of the education in the public sector.

    There are many another way in which NGOs contribute to the promotion of education. One of this is by building extra schools. This is mostly done in the rural area, where the connectivity with the government is not that strong. This makes the people in the remote area aware about the education. And also the children in that area who were not going to school, make an initiative. By doing this initiative of building the schools NGOs now become crucial part of the society. By this, they are now playing an important role in the whole world for the improvement of the education. This initiative has started providing the children acquire education. This education is a basic and quality education. By doing this, these children get encouraged for the higher learning. Also providing them good job opportunities and healthy lifestyle. This thing is very limited in most of the world. Also, Further NGO is trying to fill the gap between the poor and rich class.

    Other than this, government's wants NGOs because of the financial Support. They see NGOs as the financial supporter of this sector. This is because there are unlimited needs a society and sources of finance are very rare. Government don’t have enough funds for the education sector. As they see other sectors important than this One. And Also NGOs helps the government meet the financial requirement of this sector. NGOs help them by building the infrastructure of the schools. Also, they buy the textbooks for the schools and pay for the teacher for their class. By doing all these things, they help the government for the recurrent bill. And the government can use this fund and distribute for the other important sectors. Also, this helps the government turn their funds to the inadequate sectors and work for them.

    NGOs promote the education as per the objective research. They now check the impact area and work on them. Also, checks the needs of the education sector and required resources. This is all done by the research. By this research, they check the areas that are underfunded by the government. And for this area to provide the quality education to schools and colleges. This research also helps in the recommendation of the student's syllabus. These changes are to meet the ever changing requirements of the Job. The government also carry out such researchers but have less impact than NGOs. This is because These NGOs have time and specialist to tackle the issues. Objective research is very important. Because without them learning institution cannot keep the learning pace with other colleges.

    The other thing NGOs do to promote education is through advocacy. This method comes in practice only when there are unfair actions for the education. There may be some practices that are not fair for the education system. One of this example is the Count of registration of the students. If there is a double number of registration of male. then the other part female it is a problem and action needs to be taken. There are many students that suffer from the problem that is against the human rights. There are children that are suffering from the financial crisis. NGOs support them by providing the financial help and promote their education.


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