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    How to Decide which NGO you should Support

    NGOs are the Non-profit organisations that work for the society. They don’t have any connection with the government. Neither they have the influence of political or any government bodies. They work for the for the welfare of society. Also, the fund they get is collected and raised by the programs. In the current fast world, the donation is tremendous. Now a day’s People get out and donate for the needy. Thus this helps NGOs to raise the sufficient funds. And this makes indirect and also a very important contribution to the society. India has one of the largest numbers of NGOs throughout the world. And statically there is an NGO for every less than 600 people in India. So when it comes to donation. You should check the following things . that will channelise your money towards the well being. Also, you should be smart while donating for NGO fund raising program.


    Whenever it comes to Choose an NGO transparency is the first thing you need to look. A good organisation will provide you with the complete transparency about their work. They will be open about the management. It includes both, leadership and middle and senior management of the work. The organisation would also provide you with the transparency about the work. And the impact that is generated by the work done by your donation. This thing will only add the credibility of the NGO. And the trust among the people. This encourages people to join and work with these organisations. Some of the leading NGOs even publish all their financial report on their website. Like the amount, they got for the donation. the places where they utilized their money all is updated on their reports. Also, they actively post on social media about their works. This encourages the donors.  and the patrons know the work they are doing in a underprivileged sector.

    Legacy of on-ground work

    The most important thing that defines the impact of NGO in the society is the ground work. It is the work that defines NGO. The work that is done on the ground by an NGO speaks by itself for the NGO. No parameter can be that good to judge an NGO than this. This is the actual work that NGO is doing. The work they do to improve the lives of the needy. There are many NGO that focuses on the grass root problem of the society. They work on that grass root problem and solve them. Also, there are NGOs that have a large scale intervention in the urban slums. These slums are one of the most impactful places that can help in the development of the country. Also, there are NGOs working in the backward villages and even in tribal areas. The most important work they do them is child protection. Also, they take care of the education and healthcare of children. By doing all this they try to improve the livelihood quality of the people there.

    NGOs’ Online Presence

    In the current modern era, social media is one the most important thing. It has given the power to reach out to the world. And from the point of NGO, it is a good platform to interact with the people. They can interact with their donors and also broadcast the work they are doing. This will not only give the confidence to their donors. This also helps them get the new donor and help them raise more funds for working.  For a donor perspective, the Social media can be an important factor. By analysing the activities of NGO on social Media. The NGOs presence on social media will help you get the true idea of NGOs engagement in the society.  Also, you can have to know the conversation people are having about the NGO. And look at the media coverage and thing that are written about the NGO. Also, there are other qualitative factors that will help you know about that NGO.

    How many people they've helped

    The credibility of an NGO can be studied in different ways. One of the most important thing in which you can major this is by the Number of people that NGO helped. You can ask them for the information about the peoples they have helped. Also for the area that they are working. Even some of these NGOs are known to update all this information on their social network or websites. Some of the NGOs work in the remote area of the country. The major problem in this area is about the education and the livelihood. Child Education and health care are the major areas that NGOs need to look for at these places. So you can check their work efficiency before the donation.


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