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    NGO and Child Education

    Role of NGO in primary education

    Education of the youth is one of the most important pillars of any developing country. In the current world education is both the means and the end for the betterment of life. It is a moment from the darkness to light. Without education, the people remain in the circle of poverty and backwardness. Developing countries like India face many problems for literacy rate. Since the Indian Independence, but still India haven't get literary rate of 90 percent.

    The problem needs the solution! an initiative by state and central government is that solution. Education nowadays has become the business for most of the organisations. A large number of children are unable to complete their primary education. Reasons are due to a cost of attending school, and Some of these prefer to work for the need of the family. This results in few count of the student in secondary and higher education. The priority of school should be providing the quality education to the children. But this thing does not happen in the current world. The government is trying to achieve this illiteracy but their steps are inefficient. Here are the details how NGOs are playing the crucial role in Child education.

    Sectors of work for NGO

    NGOs operated by the people with professional skills and specialized people. They can use their capacity to empower this field. Another field that can help our education system is, skilled teachers. This might feel not a comfortable idea. But, by building this college the places of the teachers that left blank can fulfilled. As the government need not have to spend money on the training institution. These budget cut will provide extra funds for good facilities in government schools.

    The most important step an NGO can take is spread the awareness among the parents. The community should be told that every child deserves the education. This message should shared far without checking society background. Quality education is every child's right. If the student is the dropout, convenience parents on Children Education.  Also, NGOs can provide the financial support with that for the needy ones.

    Then comes the area, where children can’t go to school as they are not accessible. This part is the most crucial part. As these solutions are be done by NGOs effectively. In such areas, NGO can select an area where they can organise the classes. This will lead to encouragement of the children. NGO is working on a large scale they can get the help from the government to build a primary school in the locality.

    Next, comes the education of the girls that are dropped out of the school. There can be several reasons for girls to get drop out of the school. The first issue that comes is the proper sanitation facilities in the school. If the washroom services of the schools would not be good, girls don't prefer to come to school. NGO can look upon this matter and help solve the issue. This Issue can be solved by building a proper sanitation facility on the school campus. The next issue for the girls that occur is their parental pressure. This issue mostly occurs in the village area. This is a tough thing to deal with. But, it can be solved by NGOs. They can send their skilled volunteers (especially female). Volunteers talks to the parent and encourage them to send their child to school.

    The Other big issue in India to work on is. That in India most of the employment a person gets is for his skills and not education. Though education is required to get an employment. But, education is not sufficient to earn the livelihood. Skills are the most important factor. NGOs encourage children skills, will create more interest in students for the education. They also take an initiative in introduction to the skill-based education.

    Another thing an NGO needs to focus on is the awareness. Awareness on different backgrounds plays an important role in terms of education too. The reason is if the child would feel healthy in school environment he or she would love to come to school. For this, the initiative that NGOs can take is, they can make sure the water supply in the Schools is drinkable. The washrooms are clear and usable. The classrooms should maintained properly and cleaned twice a day. Also, they can take the food that is been cooked and served by the schools to children in the lunch time. Maintaining these things will give a sure hike in interest towards the education.


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